Sunday, March 11, 2012

Died & Went to Skinnygirl Heaven

Was last night for real??! That's all I keep asking myself...

So last night Bethenny visited the Philadelphia Flower Show to debut her newest additions to the Skinnygirl Cocktails line (The Wine Collection, Vodka with Natural Flavors, and Piña Colada).

As part of a special VIP cocktail party, there was an open Skinnygirl bar. I thought I died and went to heaven! A bar stocked with any Skinnygirl Cocktail I wanted?! Heavenly.

So of course I went through all of the new 'girls first, and I have to say I am obsessed with the Skinnygirl Piña Colada! It is so delicious!! I think if you blend it with ice and coconut water it would be perfect and feel more like the real thing. But sooo damn good! Seriously.

Then I tried the Island Coconut vodka and it was pretty good but not as coconutty as I wanted it to be (but I love coconut so maybe it was just me). The next vodka was Bare Naked and it was nice when mixed with berries or a fruit juice. Then I tried Tangerine, which was probably my favorite of the vodkas. It was really a delicious orange flavor. Lastly was the Cucumber vodka; the bartender slapped some fresh mint on it and it tasted so crisp and refreshing. It felt like an invigorating spa drink. Really nice.

Now, let me tell you a-something about Skinnygirl Vodkas - they pack a PUNCH! They are very potent and verrrry delicious!

The Skinnygirl Wine Collection was incredibly tasty, too! I love white wine and Skinnygirl White blend was very refreshing and light. The Rosé was sweet and crisp and I loved that too. I don't even really like Red wine but this blend was so smooth and not too dry.

By the time I tried all of the new Skinnygirl offerings, I was pretty tipsy - woohoo! That's when Bethenny decided to show up. Whoops! Maybe I should have paced myself better?? No big deal, though, because Bethenny was AMAZING to me. Amazing!

First, she took all of these beautiful pictures with us, and then I told her I loved the Skinnygirl Pina Colada. She yelled "me too!" and then did a double-take and was like "Oh my God, nice to see you! It's OhHellYes! Jackie, it's OhHellYes! He deserves his own picture."

I died! I grabbed my iPhone and handed it to Jackie, the assistant, to take our picture. Then, as we're taking the photos, Bethenny asked me if I got a signed bottle. I hadn't, so she yells to Jackie to get me a bottle of a new vodka so she could sign it personally for me. Dead again!

I couldn't even handle what was going on. It was so incredibly sweet of her and so nice of Bethenny to treat me with such kindness and excitement. Such a wonderfully joyful experience... I am so grateful! To have a bottle of Skinnygirl that says 'Oh Hell Yes' and Bethenny's signature on it is something I will cherish forever. So overwhelmed.

The night was full of shenanigans from me and my best friends and seeing Bethenny again and having her recognize me for the lunatic Twitterer I am was so incredible.

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