Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Album Review: The Real Thing

Let me start this review by saying: If you haven’t purchased The Real Thing yet, do it now! It is such an amazing collection of Words and Sounds that Jill Scott is known for. The songs on this album are nothing short of classic Jill Scott music. With a newer, sexier, braver, more independent sound and voice, Jill has done it again. If you loved her first two albums, you will adore the growth heard on Volume 3. And if you’re a newcomer, you’re even better off because this album is nothing like what’s being pushed out there – the lyrics are real, the music is real, and Jill Scott is The Real Thing. Enjoy this album as an affirmation of self and a true look into the soul of not only Jill Scott, but of the human spirit everywhere. The universal themes addressed are clearly seen from the start with “Let It Be”, “The Real Thing”, “Hate On Me”, “Whenever You’re Around”, and “Wanna Be Loved.” The sensual Jill Scott is heard with “Come See Me”, “Crown Royal”, “Epiphany”, and “All I.” And the soul-baring raw emotion of “My Love” cannot be matched. In order to answer the original question WHO IS JILL SCOTT? one must listen to the entire album to grasp the full experience of the BEAUTIFULLY HUMAN artist who has evolved into THE REAL THING. The quest is not over, but we are coming to an answer to that original question, and it can only be: Jill Scott.


Here's a song-by-song review of this amazing work of art:

1. Let It Be – great affirmation song that makes the point of not letting people define you and not having to fit into any specific category

2. The Real Thing – another wonderful song of self-affirmation and a feel-good/get-your-blood-pumping song that praises who you are and what makes each of us the real thing

3. Hate On Me – amazing anthem to be yourself and not let anyone stop you

4. Come See Me – very passionate song that evokes so much desire and longing to be with that person who makes you feel so good

5. Crown Royal – very sexy song, very sensual

6. Epiphany – I felt like this could be a Missy Elliott song from Under Construction and I just loved it! What a sexy song that makes you want to move, has so much imagery but then ends with the thought that it was all just empty sex

7. My Love – emotional and evocative of raw emotion and pain

8. Insomnia – great beat and vocals, I really enjoy this song because of its honesty and stream-of-consciousness type lyrics of endless contemplation

9. How It Make You Feel – if all black women disappeared, I’d be pretty damn upset! But this is a great song because it really emphasizes the point that us men would be nowhere without women and that men must appreciate and not take women for granted

10. Only You – very mellow song with a very interesting meaning that took me a few times to understand exactly what the story was

11. Whenever You’re Around – great great song! Such an awesome beat with killer lyrics which talk about the loneliness of a dying relationship where it feels like they’re not even with you when you’re right next to that person who’s now so cold

12. Celibacy Blues – a very bluesy song dedicated to Jill’s vibrator in which she sings of the troubles of maintaining celibacy with all the stresses of life

13. All I – very sensual song which expresses the freaky side of Jill (which I love!) and how much she just wants to make love to someone (I’m gonna assume it was Lyzel) because of all the things he makes her feel when they’re so close

14. Wanna Be Loved – how Jill wants to be loved and how there is something bigger and better for each of us out there, and that is true love, a primal need that everyone feels and needs

15. Breathe – Jill does a great rap that says she should not be compared to anyone, which applies to all of us and how we should be celebrated for who we are, not what we’re not


The entirety of this album is really about being The Real Thing in our own lives in whatever way we know how, which is just by being ourselves. The universal themes of self-love, self-appreciation, and self-affirmation are so touching because I truly feel that it is so important to be yourself in a world full of expectations and misconceptions. In that world, we have God, we have ourselves, we have family, and luckily we have Jill Scott who continually reminds us to love ourselves and be proud of who we are and what we have to offer without letting others define or hate on us while being our true selves. I love it! If you’re a soulful human being, you will LOVE this new album, The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol 3.


Kit said...

Hi. I'm an Italian Jill Scott fan. I discovered your blog a few days ago and it's been a very nice read. Keep up the good work!
(I'll surely buy the new record as soon as it comes out in Europe)

MAC said...

Thanks Kit! Great to heard from you! Please come back often! It is so cool to hear from an Italian fan, I'm from the US but I'm studying in Italy this semester til December and I love the culture! Let me know if Jill is coming here before December. That would be awesome! When and where does the CD come out in Italy? I was lucky enough to have an American iTunes account so I got it when it came out :)

Kit said...

No, thanks to you. :-) I'll surely come by often.
I don't know the Italian release date, as I'm planning to buy it online on cdwow.com or play.com, as they offer free delivery.
I already, ahem, listened to it, but I always buy the records I love. And Jill's new one is awesome... so stylish and fresh. What a comeback. :-)