Friday, January 28, 2011

REVIEW: Bethenny's Skinnygirl Night Out

Last Thursday, January 20th, I went to Bethenny's Skinnygirl Night Out live tour in Red Bank, NJ. Bethenny was on fire and exactly like she is on her Bravo show Bethenny Getting Married? - funny, witty, and smart as a whip!

Bethenny imparted her wisdom of food, books, booze, and baby Bryn on the crowd of mostly women. When B asked if there were any straight single men in the crowd, I happily shouted "Yo! Bethenny!" She asked me my name and said I was "the smartest man" to go to a place filled with so many single girls. She continued to call me out throughout the show - I was in heaven!

But I really went to heaven when the show was over and it was time for the meet & greet. I got major facetime with Ms. Frankel and loved every second of it!

I told Bethenny that I was "single straight Mike" from the show and that I was also @OhHellYes on Twitter. I was so happy to meet her and she greeted me so very warmly, saying I was her "biggest fan" and how great it was that I was called out during the show so many times. I was beyond elated!

It was an awesome night and I was so happy to enjoy it with my best friend Milli and my new BFF Bethenny ;)

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