Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skinnygirl Rocks The House Launch Party

    As Bethenny's biggest fan, I felt compelled to attend the Rocks The House event on May 17 in New York City for the launch of the 9 new Skinnygirl Cocktails offerings. I was SO lucky that Skinnygirl Cocktails extended an invitation to me, and being able to go to the event was SO cool!
    Set up like a "house," Drive-In Studios was transformed into designated areas like The Living Room with a DJ for Skinnygirl Cocktails, The Walk-In Closet for Skinnygirl Vodkas with Natural Flavors, and a Backyard party with a swing & fresh-cut flowers to Mix It Up.
    It was such a neat space in Chelsea, and the Skinnygirl team did a wonderful job of creating this exciting environment to celebrate all 12 Skinnygirls.

    For me to be part of this exclusive launch party event was a dream come true and I am continuously amazed at how high-quality the people are that Bethenny chooses to work with!


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