Wednesday, June 29, 2016

4th of July - The Skinnygirl and Sauza way!

Sauza® Tequila

Sauza® Watermelon Margarita (serves 8)
·         1 cup Sauza® Tequila
·         ½ cup Lime juice
·         ½ cup Triple sec
·         1 cup Watermelon juice
·         Drop of Honey

Preparation: Add ingredients to an ice-filled pitcher and stir. Pour into salt or sugar-rimmed glasses and garnish with a watermelon wedge. 


Berry Patriotic
·         1 part Skinnygirl® Bare Naked Vodka
·         1 part DeKuyper® Blueberry Schnapps
·         Splash of club Soda
·         5 muddled strawberries
·         20 blueberries

Preparation: Add muddled strawberries to a glass and top with ice. Shake Skinnygirl® Bare Naked Vodka and DeKuyper® Blueberry Schnapps in a shaker with iceStrain into the glass and top with club soda and blueberries.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Celebrate the 4th of July with Pinnacle Vodka!

With Independence Day right around the cornerit’s time to say thanks to our nation (and happy birthday to me!) with a toast of red, white and blue!

Citrus-Spangled Spritzer
·         1 part Pinnacle® Citrus Vodka
·         1 part DeKuyper® Blue Curacao Liqueur
·         2 parts Lemon Soda
·         1 part Grenadine
·         Lemon for garnish
·         Blueberries for garnish
·         Mint Sprig for garnish 

Preparation: Lightly mix the vodka and lemon soda in a cocktail shaker with ice and set aside. In a tall glass, add the grenadine slowly to the bottom. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Strain the vodka soda mixture over the back of a bar spoon, followed by the blue curacao. Garnish with fresh mint, lemon rind star and berries (optional).

Raspberry Sparkler 
·         1 part Pinnacle® Raspberry Vodka 
·         2 parts Club Soda   
·         Raspberries for garnish
·         Lemon wheel for garnish

Preparation: Mix ingredients and serve over ice. Garnish with raspberries and a lemon wheel.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Make a Splash with NEW Skinnygirl Watermelon Lime Margarita

Just in time for summer, new Skinnygirl Watermelon Lime Margarita is a refreshing mix of light watermelon and cool lime. Whether you are looking for a warm weather staple or a delicious margarita without the guilt, there’s something to offer everyone! And, it’s so simple to serve – just pour over ice in a margarita glass and garnish with a watermelon and lime wedge. 

“Watermelon is one of my favorite flavors,” said Bethenny Frankel, founder of Skinnygirl Cocktails, natural foods chef, Real Housewives star and expert hostess. “The new Skinnygirl Watermelon Lime Margarita is BEYOND! I’m obsessed and will be enjoying it all season long while entertaining by the pool and relaxing at the beach.”

Here are the details on Skinnygirl Watermelon Lime Margarita -
·         The perfect balance of cool lime and refreshing watermelon
·         Available in June, the ready-to-serve cocktail contains a bright, fruity aroma with light tequila and citrus notes
·         Finishes with a sweet and tart melon flavor 
·         Under 100 calories per serving and 19.9 proof
·         Offered in a 750 mL bottle for $12.99

Perk Alert: New Watermelon Lime Margarita is perfect for summer entertaining. Here are a few suggestions on how to incorporate it into your warm weather soiree below: 

·         Pair new Watermelon Lime Margarita with Balsamic Caprese Skewers (recipe below) as an afternoon snack while entertaining guests. Three skewers are less than 60 calories while our ready to serve marg is less than 100! It’s the perfect combo for a hot summer day.
·         Bring your cocktail to the next level by creating a Sassy Slush! Pour Watermelon Lime Margarita over shaved ice and garnish with a watermelon wedge. 
·         Bring the heat and spice up your cocktail with a chili rim – just mix chili powder and coarse salt – or garnish with jalapeno slices. 

Balsamic Caprese Skewers  
·         Cherry tomatoes
·         Mozzarella balls, patted dry with a paper towel
·         Basil leaves
·         Pepper
·         Balsamic vinegar
Preparation: Using 6-inch bamboo skewers, first place a cherry tomato, then a large basil leaf followed by a mozzarella ball.  Continue these steps until you have the amount of skewers you desire. Arrange them on a platter and sprinkle with a bit of pepper.  Serve with balsamic vinegar or drizzle over top, just remember to drizzle right before serving so that your basil leaves don't wilt.

Take a Vacation with 901!

Can’t manage to go on vacation this summer? Don’t fret! 901® Tequila cocktails will transport you to popular vacation spots and fulfill your desire to travel. 

901® Tequila’s alluring cocktails are great souvenirs for your friends and family at your next summer gathering. The Mexican Vacation’s agave flavor brings you to Puerto Vallarta, a scenic beach town in Mexico, while the Just in Thyme will help you escape to the Mediterranean where Thyme is a native herb. 

Mexican Vacation
·         2 parts 901® Tequila
·         1 part triple sec
·         1 part lemon juice
·         Splash agave syrup
·         Mexican pilsner

Preparation: Combine all ingredients excluding Mexican pilsner in mixing glass over ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into chilled tall glass. Top with Mexican pilsner beer.

Just in Thyme
·         2 parts 901® Tequila
·         2 parts lemonade
·         1 lemon, cut into wedges
·         Thyme sprig for garnish

Preparation: Muddle lemon wedges and simple syrup in mixing glass. Add 901® Tequila and lemonade and stir. Pour over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with thyme sprig.

901® Tequila
901® Tequila is a super-premium tequila created by Justin Timberlake and Sauza® Tequila, one of the world’s top premium tequila brands. Perfect for a celebratory occasion, 901® is a triple distilled, 100 percent agave tequila offering a smooth taste crafted using only the finest Blue Weber agave.

All recipes were created by Justin Timberlake’s personal 901® mixologist, Eddy Buckingham.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome Summer with Sauza Cocktails!

Summer officially kicks off TODAY, and it’s time to make sure you’re ready for all your cocktail occasions! 

From a grapefruit soda cocktail, to a clementine crush cocktail and even a grilled pineapple cocktail, the below recipes demonstrate how to win summer and throw the best backyard BBQ ever. Sauza’s refreshing summertime cocktails include the ultimate summer flavors of citrus, sweetness and even caramelization from the grill! 

Sauza® Paloma
·         1 part Sauza® Signature Blue Silver Tequila
·         3 parts grapefruit soda
·         ½ parts lime juice
·         1 grapefruit wedge 

Preparation: Add tequila into tall glass with ice. Fill remainder of the glass with grapefruit soda. Squeeze juice of lime and garnish with a grapefruit wedge.

Clementine Crush 
·         1 part Sauza® Signature Blue Silver Tequila
·         1 part clementine juice
·         1⁄2 part lime juice
·         1⁄2 part agave nectar
·         1 orange wheel 

Preparation: Add ingredients to an ice­filled shaker. Shake and strain over ice into glass and serve. Garnish with an orange wheel. Sugar­coated rim is optional.

Sauza® Scorched Wahini 
·         2 parts Sauza® Signature Blue Silver Tequila
·         1 part simple syrup
·         2 parts pineapple juice
·         1 grilled pineapple wedge
·         1 pineapple leaf  

Preparation: Reserve pineapple wedges and add remaining ingredients to an ice filled shaker. Shake and strain over ice into a mason jar or margarita glass. Garnish with a grilled pineapple wedge and leaf.