Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Hey ya'll I just got back from a wonderfully relaxing vacation and wanted to wish you a very HAPPY HALLOWEEEN!

Eat lots of sweet treats and check back to Oh Hell Yes! for more updates soon!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quick Vacation

Hey ya'll, I'm going on vacation til the beginning of November, so I won't be updating the blog for about a week...

Don't forget to watch 'Girlfriends' on Monday at 9pm on the CW to see how the season unfolds, and be sure to comment on the previous posts on Oh Hell Yes!


Words & Sounds, Post 16

To celebrate me seeing Jill Scott LIVE in Paris in only one month, here is a song from her latest album, The Real Thing.

I can't believe I'm seeing Jill in only one short month! It is going to be so exciting!

This date also marks the one month mark from the release of The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Volume 3, so here is a new song from Jill Scott.

"Insomnia" is the song I chose to make my fan video montage and I wanted to share this great song with ya'll.


'Girlfriends' S8.4 Review: "Losing It"

The fourth episode of Season 8 of 'Girlfriends' focused on the relationships between the main characters of Joan and Lynn, Maya and Darnell, and William and Monica, and the way they interact with each other.

This episode saw Joan and Lynn butting heads over Joan being Lynn's landlord. We all know how stubborn and uptight Joan can be sometimes, which is why we love her, but she was trying to control all of Lynn's actions around her house. While it was understandable from a landlord's perspective, Lynn really isn't all that bad. It was really funny when Lynn's chimpanzee came walking out of the back room... I loved Joan's reaction and the funny banter between Joan and Lynn when she would barge into her old home. At a later point in the episode, Joan calls Lynn all kinds of nasty slut names for what kind of seemed like no reason, but I guess Joan was just fed up with the rental. Eventually they made up, but by the end of the episode, Joan was watering Lynn's plants for her in the middle of the night, which was a funny way to end a heavy episode.

Before we get to the heart of the episode with Maya and Darnell, let's recap what's going on with William and Monica. Since they are still in the "honeymoon" phase of their marriage, they have been with each other nonstop and both William and Monica needed some alone time. But because they thought that they were being selfish, no one said anything. William asked Joan for relationship advice (wrong! haha) and picked a fight with Monica so they would have some personal time. It worked, but poor Monica was called fat by William just so he could get some time to himself. But it worked out for the best because Monica realized she wasn't and actually had time to enjoy a book. When William came to apologize, Monica acted hurt because she hadn't yet finished her book! Once they both admitted why they were fighting, they obviously made up and gave each other their personal space and realized that it's okay to want to be alone sometimes.

Now for the heavy of the episode. As we have seen in the last three episodes, Maya has been really high-strung and has had a nonstop agenda. Even in this episode, even though she had a baby doctor appointment, she postponed it to get her hair did and to go shopping, and Darnell had every right to be angry with her. The doctor said that because of her fragile fybroids (Season 1), Maya has to be off her feet for a certain amount of time each day. She has not been listening and she has even been avoiding calls from her publisher which was has been stressing her out even more. She answers her publsher's phone call by accident one day at Lynn's and is told that her third book option has been dropped because of low sales on her second book. Maya freaks and is determined to show them that her book is worth publishing, so she gets to writing immediately. She has Joan and Lynn type for her in shifts so that she can just spit out whatever comes to mind and it'll be a chapter. And of course she is on her feet and under a lot of pressure during this whole process.

When Darnell sees that Maya still isn't taking this pregnancy seriously, he gets infuriated and kicks Joan and Lynn out of their house to have a talk with Maya who isn't hearing any of it. She says that she can't not be an authoress and that this book has to be finished and published, but Darnell serves her up a real helping of truth and says that no one is checking for her book and that she needs to calm down immediately. To pacify Darnell, she agrees, but in the middle of the night, she is still back on her computer typing away. Darnell takes the computer away from her as they argue heatedly. Maya starts yelling and tells Darnell that she is in such a crazy state that she has just peed herself because of all the arguing. When she stands up, Darnell says that it is blood...

So I guess that does it. Maya just had her miscarriage :(

The next week's preview looks so sad. Be sure to tune in next week for "Good Grief" to see how this tragedy unfolds for 'Girlfriends'.
Other than the heaviness of the ending, I really thought this episode was good. I keep saying this, but I love how 'Girlfriends' always pairs some funny with the sadness. It helps lighten the mood a bit without distracting or simplifying the sadder parts of life. I really can't wait for next week's episode... it is sure to be important.
Here's this current episode's preview uploaded by me!

Next week: 8.5 “Good Grief” - Monday, 9pm on the CW

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Jill Scott - "Insomnia" (My Video)

This Oh Hell Yes! EXCLUSIVE is a fanmade video by me for the Jill Scott song "Insomnia" from The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Volume 3.

I really love the outcome of this video, especially the ending, so please please please let me know what you think by commenting! It took soooo long for me to make, but it was definitely worth it... I love "Insomnia" and the rest of the album.

What do you think?

[Thanks to and for the images, music, and talent.]

"Nip/Tuck's Hollywood Makeover Looks Good"

News on Nip/Tuck's fifth season from

If ever a show needed a lift, cosmetic or otherwise, it was Nip/Tuck after last season, when it really began showing its age with subplots that were either too ludicrous (kidney-stealing sirens) or tiresome (libidinous nannies) for words. Most of the core relationships had decayed beyond repair, so what better solution than a change of scene?
And where better for the bad boys of plastic surgery to relocate for Season 5 than Beverly Hills? It's a deluxe world where image is everything, celebrity equals power, and fame is nearly as fleeting as the commodity McNamara/Troy is selling: beauty.

It takes no time for these hot docs to go Hollywood, freelancing as technical advisers on an overheated TV medical drama, where they must calm the nerves of a desperate producer (Oliver Platt, hilarious) and a demanding diva hunk (Alias' Bradley Cooper, a scream). This satirical subplot gives Nip/Tuck free rein to mock its own excesses while getting under the skin of a notoriously insecure industry.

The new setting and a fresh, swank look help restore energy and a sense of freakish fun to what had become a morose melodrama. By the time Christian and Sean (the charismatic duo of Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh) find themselves catering to rival Marilyn Monroe impersonators in Episode 2, Nip/Tuck has returned to its twisted, graphic glory.

The guest stars are terrific: Jennifer Coolidge as an actress re-creating one of the docs' most notorious cases; Craig Bierko as a studio head who privately prefers to take orders; and Lauren Hutton as a fiery publicist who puts our heroes on the map. When Sean, who has always operated in Christian's flashy shadow, emerges as the hotter new flavor, the ensuing ego war is far from pretty. But it is gorgeously entertaining. These transplanted doctors are looking good.

Nip/Tuck airs Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET on FX.

EXCLUSIVE: 'Girlfriends' S7 Episode "Operation Does She Yield"

To celebrate my 101st post, here is a very awesome Oh Hell Yes! Exclusive!

From the latter part of Season 7 of 'Girlfriends', here is the full, iPod-ready, downloadable episode"Operation Does She Yield". In my opinion, this was the funniest episode of the season and the one that I watch most frequently when I need my 'Girlfriends' fix!

PLEASE comment and let me know that you downloaded it and what you think. Enjoy!

Help Jill Scott's new single!

Go on and request "My Love" on your local radio stations and buy the single on iTunes if you haven't already purchased the amazing album!

'Girlfriends' Season 3 DVD news!

Yessss! Hot on the heels of 'Girlfriends' The Second Season is Season 3 of the amazing show! Coming February 12, 2008, this 24-episode season is another classic that everyone must own!

I'm so happy that 'Girlfriends' is continuing to be released! It'll be no time before we have all the seasons! :)

Thanks to!

Jill Scott on the cover of Mami mag

As pointed out by Hidden Beach Family Reunion member Algie, Jill Scott is on the internet magazine cover called Mami. Click on the name to flip through the pages of the magazine and read all about Jill. Also included as part of this cover story is the unofficial North Philly Remix of "Epiphany" which is hot all by itself. This remix makes the song even hotter and I usually don't like remixes, but I love "Epiphany."

Enjoy, and special thanks to Algie!

Monday, October 22, 2007

'Girlfriends' S8.3 Review: "Where Did Lynn-digo?"

The third episode of Season 8 of 'Girlfriends' focused on Lynn and her expanding music career, which is a really exciting development for the character.

As we all know, Lynn is a vegan and has always been about saving the planet and educating others on helping out, so it was great to see a very important message about our world being put out there by Lynn. As Lynn is filling up her car that runs on Joan's $12 cooking oil, a college student approaches her in a starstruck introduction with him already knowing that Lynn is Indigo Sky. The guy asks Lynn to come to one of his university's meetings about their saving-the-planet club which Lynn actually started at UCLA when she was a student. She agrees to see what they're all about if vegan snacks are served, so she ends up attending. After the productive meeting, the students ask her to perform at their benefit concert, and, in the excitement of the moment, Lynn says yes and everyone immediately starts passing out flyers announcing her popular band's agreement to play their benefit.

In typical Lynn fashion, she ends up "spending the night" with the college guy. After their night together, Lynn gets a call from her manager saying that she has a gig at the House of Blues! That's huge! But of course, the show is on the same night as the environmental benefit, and Lynn is faced with a hard choice...

Meanwhile, Maya is snooping on Jabari's MySpace page and sees hilarious videos of him saying "bitch" and rapping. Joan tries to keep from laughing, but Maya is angry that her son is using that word to refer to his female peers. When she confronts him, Jabari uses his best defense which is to say that his mother calls her two best friends bitches all the time, which we all know is the funny truth. Realizing this, Maya says she does it out of love for the girls, but realizes that she must make a change, so Joan makes a kind of swear-jar. Anytime anyone says the b-word, they have to put $10 in the jar as a way to stop using the term.

As all this is going on, Joan has been hearing freaky noises coming from her house so she calls William over to inspect it. He never finds anything over the course of his 3 visits, so by time Joan asks him to do all this stuff, he throws a lot of money in the jar in preparation for what he's likely to say while searching Joan's crawl space.

As the episode comes to an end, we see Lynn talking to a entertainment technician about her choices for that night. We all wonder where she chose to play, and as the lights go down, we hear someone announce Indigo Sky at the House of Blues.

So Lynn made her decision to advance her career instead of helping some college dude, which I think was actually the better choice. While it would have been really noble of Lynn to choose the benefit concert, after all these years of job-hopping, it was time for Lynn to make a solid career move.

I really enjoyed this episode and thought that there were many funny little quips throughout the course of the episode. I love seeing Joan, Maya, Lynn, and William interact together as hilarity always ensues... 'Girlfriends' will never get old for me!

Here's the episode preview uploaded by me!

Next week: 8.4 "Losing It" - Monday, 9pm on the CW

Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Why Did I Get Married?" Movie Review

Wow... just wow. This was a great film. Tyler Perry has such a talent, and the rest of the actors in the film were wonderful as well. I laughed, I teared-up, I felt.

The movie has such a great message I think, even for single people like me. I really thought the entire movie was so well put together and overall had a great truth to it. I don't even know how else to explain it.

Jill Scott of course was phenomenal... I mean, is there anything she can't do?! Beautiful voice, wonderful actress, so believable... you really feel what she's feeling, you go on that journey with her throughout the movie.

And Janet Jackson was so good too. The last movie I saw with her was "Nutty Professor II" which of course was hysterical, but this movie obviously was different from my first impression of Janet's acting abilities, and "Why Did I Get Married?" certainly placed her on a new level for me.

Everyone was great! Malik Yoba (Brock from 'Girlfriends') surprised me the most and was wonderful, Tasha Smith was so hilarious paired with Michael Jai White, and it was good to see Keesha Sharp (Monica from 'Girlfriends') on the big screen with all that other talent. Richard T. Jones (Aaron from 'Girlfriends') has a great laugh and played his part so well, and Sharon Leal was also very natural. Lamman Rucker's character was just great too.

The cast was just so very talented and really brought the story to life.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, the real question you should be asking is 'What are you waiting for?' It's really great! Go see it!

Here is a little something I drew...

I was bored one day in class and was so excited that I was going to see Jill Scott live in Paris on November 25th, so I drew this little sketch of the beautiful Ms. Scott... I know she has no face, but I didn't want to mess up something so pretty. I'm definitely not saying it's good, I just thought I'd share it.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Timbaland to work on Beyonce's new album!

According to Scratch magazine:

Beyonce Knowles and her full speed work has been quick to tie uber producer Timbaland to contribute in her album. In an interview with Scratch magazine, Tim revealed that he is a major player in the record.

In an equal amount of interest, Tim promised the new album will be "huger than life". This would not be the first time Tim has entered the studio with Beyonce. The producer previously produced Destiny's Child's 'Get on the Bus' that peaked at #5 in U.K. Singles chart.

This third album is going to be hot hot hot, and I would expect nothing less from the workaholic amazingness that is Beyonce!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 15

Here are two Jill Scott videos from my YouTube account.

One you've already possibly downloaded as part of the past joint-exclusive, it's"The Fact Is (Live in Paris)":

And the other is a new video featured on Ashlee Stewart's website which is donating money if you buy The Real Thing in that store. That's so nice!

And as an added bonus, has been updated with a picture of her and "Why Did I Get Married?" co-star Richard T. Jones, who also plays Aaron on 'Girlfriends'. That's so cool that he went to see her perform at the House of Blues!


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I just won this on eBay!!

I just won the script of the 'Girlfriends' Season 8 episode "Range of Emotions" signed by Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, Reggie Hayes, Keesha Sharp, and Khalil Khan!!! This is so exciting!

I just bought an autographed script of the history-making eighth-season premiere episode of 'Girlfriends' signed by all the main actors! This is awesomeeeee

Oh Hell Yes!

Jill Scott article on AOL-BlackVoices

Here is an interesting article concerning Jill Scott's new film ("Why Did I Get Married?") and new album (The Real Thing) which are both clearly fantastic pieces of art.

<<<"The album and the movie were all over each other," Jill Scott recently revealed -- referring to her new album 'The Real Thing' and her starring role in 'Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?,' which opens Oct. 12....>>> READ MORE HERE

And in other related Jill Scott news, "Why Did I Get Married?" is the NUMBER ONE movie in America! Congratulations!!

Ashlee Simpson's 3rd album pushed back...

According to,

<<< Ashlee Simpson might have broken out a few tunes from her upcoming, yet-untitled LP over VMA weekend, but apparently it's not quite there yet. The singer had originally aimed for the LP to come out in November, but her label has now slotted it for a first-quarter 2008 release... >>>

Ugh! Another pushback for the 3rd album... oh well, hopefully that means it'll be even better now! I really really can't wait to hear what Ashlee will bring us with this new album.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 14

Here is the video from Jill Scott's appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly this past week. She performed "Hate On Me" and tore the house down! I never get tired of hearing this song, and I cannot wait to see Jill perform it live from me in Paris.

Whatchu think?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

'Girlfriends' S8.2 Review: "Baghdad, My Bad"

This past week on 'Girlfriends' focused on the aftermath of the arrival of a letter that informed Aaron that his National Guard Unit had been called to Iraq. After the teaser and opening credits (which I love!), the episode picks up immediately after Joan and Aaron had their WHAT?! moment (along with the audience) at the end of "Range of Emotions."

Joan and Aaron talk a little bit about why Aaron was even in the Nat'l Guard to begin with, and like I had suspected, it was because he needed help paying tuition back in the day so he signed up during peace time and never expected to be called into the war because his time was up in only four months from now. Now that his time has been extended, Aaron has to be dropped off to the base or port I guess by Joan with his uniform on and all in the next few days.

Everyone has a big going away party for Aaron and there is a cute guy-bonding scene with Aaron, William, and Darnell where William and Darnell give Aaron a bullet-proof vest and Aaron asks them to watch over Joan while he's gone. I really liked the party scene because it was the four girls (Joan, Maya, Lynn, and Monica) bonding while the guys (William, Darnell, and Aaron) having their male-bonding moments which started with William and Darnell last season.

During the drive to the base, Aaron falls alseep and Joan drives them to Mexico in an effort to escape Aaron's service, but Aaron reasons with Joan as they come to terms with this tragic turn of events... Joan tells Aaron that she wants to be married to him and that he can't go because she is so happy with him, etc. So Aaron suggests they get married right there in Mexico in a little church. Impulsively, Joan and Aaron agree that that's the best plan of action, but after a funny miscommunication with the priest, Joan says that this is not how she wants it to happen. She heartfeltly explains that if they get married now, it'll partly be because she doesn't really believe that Aaron will ever come home from the war, and she truly believes that he will come back to her. So they don't tie the knot and Joan drops Aaron off.

When Joan arrives home, she breaks down in her empty kitchen and cries. It was so sad... she finally has her happiness and it's ripped out from under her, but I do hope that Aaron makes it back to Joan and she has her huge dream wedding.

The other parts of the episode: (1) Lynn gets a great manager and (2) William and Monica "help" her celebrate even though it was kindo of awkward and funny; and (3) Maya finds a bag of weed in Jabari's dresser and immediately blames the poor boy even though he knows it isn't his, (4) it turns out to be Darnell's from his depresseive funk after he and Maya split, (5) so the Wilkes family takes Jabari out as a way to cover up their false accusations without telling Jabari that it was Darnell's.
Here's the episode preview uploaded by me!

I really enjoyed this episode! I love how 'Girlfriends' pairs great tragedy with comedic timings of funniness from the rest of the cast with their little side-stories. I do feel horrible for Joan though, but I know she will be fine. Oh and I loved how even in the midst of Joan and Aaron's heartbreak, Joan was still able to celebrate Lynn's success at the end of the episode with Maya and Monica. The show still keeps it fresh and that's why I love the realism mixed within the familiar structure of the sitcom.

Next week: 8.3 "Where Did Lynn-digo?" - Monday, 9pm on the CW

Saturday, October 13, 2007

"Why Did I Get Married?" in theaters NOW

Here's a short interview where Jill Scott mentions her European tour that I'm going to so I got really excited!

Jill Scott, Tyler Perry, and Janet Jackson were all on 106 & Park on BET to promote the release of "Why Did I Get Married?" which is OUT NOW, so go see it and write a review in the comments section :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Presenting the B'Phone from Beyonce...

According to this site Samsung has updated the UpStage phone with Beyonce as the designer. For what will be called the Bphone, Beyonce chose a maroon and gold color scheme for the cell phone which will have an exclusive song from her younger days. The phone will be available November 4th at Sprint and Walmart stores.

Pretty cool I guess... I really admire Beyonce's work ethic. She never stops which is so awesome... she's always keeping herself busy and I can't wait to see what else she comes out with!

Words & Sounds, Post 13

Here is a special treat for us 'Girlfriends' fans! I have compiled a short list of songs that have been featured in various episodes of 'Girlfriends' for your downloading pleasure.

+ Angie Stone - "Girlfriends" = Theme Song

+ Jill Scott - "Golden" = Episode: "Game Over", Season 6 {link fixed}

+ Corinne Bailey Rae - "Seasons Change" = Episode: "After the Storm", Season 7 Premiere

+ Natasha Bedinglfield - "Single" = Episode: "Just Joan", Season 7

+ Corinne Bailey Rae - "Put Your Records On" = Episode: "Just Joan", Season 7

+ Etta James - "At Last!" = Episode: "It's Been Determined", Season 7 Finale

+ Nina Simone - "My Man's Gone Now" = Episode: "Baghdad, My Bad", Season 8

Let me know what you think and revel in the 'Girlfriends' goodness!

Also, keep checking back for 'Girlfriends' S8.2 "Baghdad, My Bad" episode review.


If you download, PLEASE show some gratitude and comment....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

JOINT-EXCLUSIVE! Jill Scott "The Fact Is (Live in Paris)" Video & Audio

Here is what I'm calling a joint-exclusive because it seems that no one has discovered this gem on Hidden Beach's Jill Scott minisite. While browsing the page, I found the video of "The Fact Is" from the as-yet-unreleased Live in Paris DVD by the delectable Jill Scott.

Here for you to download in iPod video format is Jill Scott - "The Fact Is (I Need You)" Live in Paris [Video], courtesy of the wonderful label Hidden Beach Recordings and rediscovered by Oh Hell Yes!

Also here for EXCLUSIVE download is the audio of the amazing Jill Scott - "The Fact Is (I Need You)" Live in Paris [Audio] ripped by me.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

'Girlfriends' S8.1 Review: "Range of Emotions"

As promised, here is the review of the eighth season premiere of 'Girlfriends' for the episode titled "Range of Emotions." [Note: I will be using pictures of the cast who the episode revolves around which may not be from the specific episode I'm reviewing because they may be unavailable at the time.]

Well the episode kicks off with Maya & Darnell and Monica & William having a picnic at a big open-air concert which features Lynn and her band, called Indigo Sky. Monica is drunk and Maya is a dancing fool who looks real cute in those overalls. Anyway, they're all talking about where Joan & Aaron are because they're missing Lynn's long-awaited set.

Cut to Joan and Aaron yelling at each other over the expensive stove that Joan bought for their home without the approval of Aaron. Once they arrive at the park where the concert's at, the tension between them is obvious, so of course the others question what happened and coax them into spilling the beans. Everyone pretty much agrees with Aaron because they all told Joan not to buy such an expensive item when Aaron didn't want it.

This forum turns into a discussion between Joan and Aaron about money, which is always a touchy subject. And then Joan gives Aaron the ultimate low blow... she insults him by making a snide comment about Aaron not making "head of the household money." Wrong move! Oh Joan, everyone knew that was way too low, and I think even Joan knew it but she was fed up because Aaron was being pretty stubborn too, talking about man of the house and all that, when Joan was saying that marriage is a partnership.

So anyway after all that, the whole episode is a huge fight between Joan and Aaron, so Joan goes over to Lynn's place, which is Joan's old home, to talk it out. Lynn has completely transformed Joan's home and it looks awesome! Lynn's tastes are definitely represented throughout the home. After their talk, Joan makes it difficult to reconcile because both she and Aaron don't want to budge from their side. After another small fight, Joan says she packing up and actually starts to pack up her things from the kitchen area to move out. Ahhh! We all know Joan is crazy, but c'mon! She can't give up on her engagement just yet!

She doesn't though because a move Aaron makes in the kitchen makes both of them realize how much they love each other and how stupid the fight was, which I think was such a realistic part of this episode and the show in general. People fight over silly things all the time, and this episode was so realistic and really showed an important aspect of being in a relationship. So they make up and as they do the long hug, Aaron spots a piece of mail from the National Guard. He quickly tears it open to find that his Unit has been called in and that he's going to Iraq.

WHAT?! The show comes to a close at that moment and we are left hanging, wondering what's going to happen to Joan and Aaron's relationship.
Here's the episode preview uploaded by me!

I thought it was a great season premiere! This show is always staying fresh to me and this episode, while not laugh out loud histerical like some episodes, made me so excited for the rest of the season to see how it's all going to unfold. The thing I love about 'Girlfriends' is that it's not always about the funny, everything's not always going to work out by the end of the episode. It's so much more than any average sitcom, and that's why it's lasted for so long. I can't wait for the rest of this season to unfold and go down in history!

Next week: 8.2 "Baghdad, My Bad"

'Girlfriends' Season 2 DVD out TODAY!

Hey ya'll, today marks the release of 'Girlfriends': The Second Season out on DVD, so run out to the store and snatch it up!

With 'Girlfriends' in its eighth season, this show is clearly a classic and is making history.... so be part of that history (and help us get the rest of the seasons!) by purchasing 'Girlfriends': The Second Season on DVD today.

Plus, that cover is hot! The girls are looking great as usual, and it's always nice to see how the show has evolved over the last 8 years.

Go'on now!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 12

This installment of Words & Sounds is all about Ashlee Simpson. Here are two live songs from a special Kmart CD which were from an AOL Concert.

We have my favorite song "Love Me For Me" and another classic "Shadow".

If you couldn't tell, I've been rediscovering all my Ashlee Simpson songs that I used to be obsessed with. I love when you can go back to good old music and really enjoy it all over again... I feel like that when I listen to all 5 of Jill Scott's albums too because they're all so classic in their own ways.

Music is great! Let me know what you think.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I am seeing Jill Scott LIVE in Paris!!

On November 25, 2007 I will be seeing the amazing Jill Scott LIVE in Paris, France! I am beyond excited!!! It is going to be an incredible show and it'll be my first time seeing Jill Scott live in concert. What makes it even better is that I'll be spending the weekend in Paris with my dad so I am just beyond excited for the whole experience.

Just thought I'd share my happiness :D

Jill Scott & Jeff Bradshaw - "Slide" Video

I know this is old but I've been listening to the whole discography of Jill Scott lately so I thought I'd share some random video from the Jill Scott: Collaborations disc.

Enjoy "Slide" from Jill Scott and Jeff Bradshaw!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

'Girlfriends' New Season Stuff

As ya'll know, the new season of 'Girlfriends' has just gotten off to a great start! With its 8th Season premiere, this season is sure to raise some serious questions and interesting episodes.

Apparently, AOL's Black Voices thought so too, because 'Girlfriends' made the number 2 spot on their "Top 11 Fall TV Shows" list. Read about it here.

In other 'Girlfriends' news, Season 8 has made it into the iTunes Top 100 Comedy TV Show season pass downloads list! At number 57, 'Girlfriends' Season 8 is selling very well on the iTunes Music Store already and the season just barely began! That's great!! And last season (Season 7) is still going strong at number 63 on that same topsellers list. If you haven't bought 'Girlfriends' for your iPod yet, do it now! It's so nice to have them everywhere ;)

And don't forget to buy 'Girlfriends' Season 2 on DVD this Tuesday, October 9th!

EXCLUSIVE: Ashlee Simpson "Nothing New" LIVE

This Oh Hell Yes! EXCLUSIVE is a personal video from Ashlee Simpson's L.O.V.E. Tour in the summer of 2006.

Taken on July 2, 2006 at the Borgata casino in Atlantic City NJ, this exclusive video is a live performance of the song "Nothing New" from Ashlee's first album Autobiography.

Tell me what you think!

Leave comments if you want the audio uploaded.

To celebrate the release of 'Girlfriends' S2 on DVD... are two classic clips from the show's history!

First up is a scene from the first season when Joan and Maya envision what it would be like if women ruled the world:

And here is a funny clip featuring William and Joan doing a crazy dance sequence:

Enjoy! And do not forget to purchase 'Girlfriends' Season 2 on DVD coming October 9th!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 11

Here is a random song from my girl Beyonce.

"What's It Gonna Be" is a really chill song that gets me moving a little bit. I really like it and thought I'd share some Beyonce goodness.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Real Thing debuts on Billboard at...


Oh Hell Yes! We did it!!!

The latest album from the incredibly talented Jill Scott entitled The Real Things: Words and Sounds Vol 3 has debuted on the Billboard album charts for its premiere week on September 25, 2007 at the NUMBER FOUR spot!! That is awesome! For Jill's new album to debut at Number 4 on the top albums list is such a huge deal.... congratulations!

If you haven't bought it yet, where have you been?! Go out and get that album right now!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

'Girlfriends' S8 Pass + FREE ep on iTunes!

WOO HOO! The iTunes store has just added the season pass option for 'Girlfriends' Season 8! I purchased this pass last year when Season 7 became available and the episodes just downloaded automatically on Tuesdays after they were on TV the night before, which was so cool because I was never able to catch an episode because of school. Now that I'm abroad for the semester, this Season Eight pass is a lifesaver!! For only $34.99 you get the entire season of 'Girlfriends' to watch whenever you want, wherever you want. Love it!

And, better yet, iTunes has the Season 8 premiere "Range of Emotions" up for a FREE download!! So now everyone can have 'Girlfriends' on their iPod! Go HERE to download the FREE episode! Tell all your friends too because now there's no excuse to not have at least one 'Girlfriends' episode with you at all times ;)

Look for a review of the first episode in the next few days too.

"Why Did I Get Married?" Keeps Getting Better & Better

OK so after my recent theory that Tyler Perry's new movie "Why Did I Get Married?" starring Jill Scott is a gathering of greatness (see older posts), the soundtrack comes out and guess who's on it? BEYONCE! Yep, her new song "Flaws and All" from the B'Day Deluxe Edition is part of the soundtrack which sadly does not include an appearance from Jill. Oh well, one obsession is better than none! Plus, she's in the movie which is going to be awesome... go see "Why Did I Get Married?" in theaters October 12th!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Don't Forget: 'Girlfriends' S8 Premiere TONIGHT!

Don't forget to watch the eighth season premiere of 'Girlfriends' tonight on the CW at 9pm! It is sure to be a great episode to start of another stellar season... and don't forget to buy your Season Pass on iTunes tomorrow so you can just buy every episode as it airs easily and watch 'em on the go!

Here's a funny clip from the Season 7 episode "What Had Happened Was..." featuring Joan, Maya, and Lynn!
>> download clip <<

Leave comments about the season premiere, "Range of Emotions" after it airs tonight!