Monday, December 31, 2012

REVIEW: Skinnygirl Bath Collection 2012

New holiday season, new Skinnygirl Bath Collection gift sets! :)

After introducing her Skinnygirl Face & Body product line with 2 Walmart-exclusive gift sets last Thanksgiving, Bethenny has returned for Christmas 2012 with more goodies. This holiday season's cocktail-inspired Bath Collection features Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cosmo and Skinnygirl Piña Colada!

Both sets smell soooo good and are -- Frakel-y speaking -- better & more 'accurate' than last year's offerings in terms of matching their original Skinnygirl Cocktails scent. [In all fairness, though, I suppose savory coconut/pineapple and sweet cranberry are easier scents to recreate than Margarita & Sangria -- read my review of them here:]

In each of the Piña Colada & White Cranberry Cosmo Skinnygirl Bath Collection gift sets is a shower gel, a body lotion, and an exfoliating scrub. Of these, the exfoliating scrub has been my favorite product to use in the shower. It comes in the cutest little jar with a cover reminiscent of the imprinted screw-top of our favorite Skinnygirl Cocktails, which is just really fun.

These sets should cost you between $15-20, but i could not find them in any stores! I tried the obvious (Walmart, which was a shitty experience as usual) and I called both CVS and Walgreens, but no one had heard of Skinnygirl, let alone Skinnygirl bath kits.... Don't these people get out??! Living under a (sober) rock I suppose! ;)
So I had to order from Amazon (, which is where I discovered that these new sets even existed in the first place.

As you know, I love anything Bethenny makes and I am a collector of all things Skinnygirl, so I HAD to have these, but you should enjoy them too, so click on over to Amazon & order yourself 1 of the 4 wonderful Skinnygirl Bath Collection options! You could probably use a good ole washing, ya filthy animal! ;)

Let me know if you've found these in stores or if you ordered these or any Skinnygirl products & what you think of them -- tweet me @OhHellYes or hit the comments below!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beyoncé "I Was Here" Video Premiere for World Humanitarian Day 2012

Tomorrow - August 19, 2012 - is World Humanitarian Day and Beyoncé has teamed up with the United Nations to launch a global campaign that encourages people around the world to do good for others.

One of my favorite songs from the incredible album 4, "I Was Here," is the theme of #WHD2012 and Beyoncé has just premiered the live music video. Watch it below and do something, somewhere, for somebody tomorrow :)

To find out more about #IWasHere & #WHD2012, go to -- let's reach 1 billion people tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Memory Lane: Bethenny's RHoNY S1 finale blog

Reading through some old blogs on, I came across Bethenny Frankel's thoughts about The Real Housewives of New York City season 1 finale.

I thought it was interesting to read what B had to say about her fellow 'Wives, so here are her parting words to her castmates:

To LuAnn (Mrs. De Lesepps): You are incredibly graceful, you know exactly what to say and I admire your ability to keep it to yourself. I skipped that day in school.

To Jill: Thank you for calling me a "skinny bitch" and dragging me to meet the Bravo producers. You have definitely changed my life and I love you and your endless rants.

To Ramona: You are a wonderful mother and have an incredible daughter which to me is the most difficult and impressive feat in the world.

To Alex: You are truly charming, kind, sweet, beautiful inside and out and you really can take the heat without getting burned. You can come in my kitchen anytime.

To Simon: You are an incredible father, husband and housewife, and you gave me my funniest lines of the season.

I thought it was very sweet of Bethenny to end the first season this way, by acknowledging their experiences together all season long.

(And here's the link to the whole blog.)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

'bethenny' episode 19

Another day, another 'bethenny'... I could get used to this! :)

I think Bethenny Frankel is doing a FANTASTIC job on her talk show, and I am very hopeful that it will get picked up next fall. I think B is such a natural & I am thoroughly enjoying her hour of daytime television.

Today (7/5/12) on 'bethenny', the hostess with the mostest talked a bit about precious baby Bryn and then brought out Jillian Barberie. I recognized Jillian from her many past hosting gigs and it was fun to see how well she & Bethenny got along. They actually have similar paths with regards to husbands and children. She was a good guest & looked more beautiful than I remember her! Beautiful family too.

The next guest, however, was even better! I loved David Arquette with Bethenny!!! They were having a lot of fun, and David was a hoot. I really like his personality, his sense of humor, and style. And I liked his tattoos too!

After that, Bethenny did a short segment with a mother & 2 daughters about skincare routines. Here's the order we should follow: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer. Also, right after you exfoliate, always hydrate. Good tips.

Bethenny then introduced her first "couples panel" to discuss various topics. It was a cool group & I liked their interactions with our gal Bethenny.

Another quick show! I'm having too much fun for it just to be an hour!!

What did you think? Comment or tweet me @OhHellYes!

Monday, July 2, 2012

GUEST BLOG: 'bethenny' episode 14 (Justin Bieber!)

Another big thank you to @Acute_Tweetment for guest-blogging the Bieber-fever episode of Bethenny's talk show!


Bethenny’s talk show airs episode 14 on June 28, 2012 on FOX Philly.

Holiest of Holy Shit Balls!!!!! Justin Bieber is on Bethenny’s talk show today!!! We’re so excited and must blog about this one.

Pre show footage shows Bethenny has a packed audience and also has a small group of lucky girls that are sitting together in a VIP green room watching everything on the TV monitors placed in the room. Bethenny acts like she tried to get them in the studio audience but it was full and this is the best she can do for them. All of these girls are deserving of meeting the Biebs in one way or another. His music inspired them while going through difficult times, family problems, illness, and change. They are SO excited to be there! They sit in the VIP green room to watch on a TV as their teen idol appears on stage a few yards away…(wink)

It’s the start of the show and we are so giddy! Bethenny’s theme song gets started “Calling all my girls” and we could not be happier to answer her call today.
She comes out to an exceptionally excited and lucky audience while wearing a long sleeved shirt with a blue heart on the front, purple skinny jeans and blue pumps. She’s adorable and totally feeling the Bieber fever.

The girls in the audience are wild for today’s major pop star’s appearance. Bethenny can empathize with this. She shares with us that her first celebrity crush was Matt Dillon. She’s got great taste. Who hasn’t crushed on Matt at one point or another?
Apparently with her, it was serious, though. She LOVED him. She wanted to meet him, be with him, and hump his leg. Why wasn’t God letting this romance happen? It felt so real at the time.

Well, we all know Jason Hoppy was the only one for her. Even if she had to miss out on humping Matt Dillon’s leg and also go through a couple of the wrong Jason’s to get to the right Jason. And a Jimmy, or two…ha

How did she know when the right Jason appeared? Rather than using the trusty eenie meenie miney moe method, she waited for him to speak the magic words that would break Matt Dillon’s spell over her heart. Those magic words were, “Are you ready to take the stick out of your ass”. Poof! That was her prince charming. The rest is history. Hahaha!

Bethenny and Jason married and had a beautiful baby girl together who is now 2 years old and the light of their lives.

It is so amazing that Bethenny has this opportunity to fulfill the dreams of other girls who crush on a celebrity that is totally everything to them within their heart of hearts. It is even more amazing that Bethenny is not afraid to act on this opportunity and give them this experience on a silver platter. WE LOVE HER!

Bethenny asks some audience members who their first celebrity crushes were. The answers were Denzel Washington, James Franco, and Justin Bieber….DUH!

One lady had lipstick on her front teeth when she was speaking into the microphone with celebrity crush details and Bethenny was a true girl friend and wiped it off with her finger! Bwwah!!! We would only do that for girl friends on the BFF role call.

A special audience member said that her celebrity crush is Justin Bieber because he was her inspiration to get through tough times during brain surgery 2 years ago. She loves him for all the right reasons. He lifted her up through his music when she was low and helped her heal. That’s so special. We’re so happy that she’s getting this experience to see him LIVE!

Before Justin appears, Bethenny has some friends stop by for girl talk. The girlfriend panel is
Loni Love (comedian), Amber Rose (actress & model…and ex to Kanye West) as well as Bravolebrity, Jenni Pelosi from Interior Therapy & Flipping Out.

Loni is looking lovely in a red belted top and back slacks with matching red heels. Jenni looks fresh and is wearing a classically pretty purple sleeveless dress. Amber Rose looks like she was dropped off by a space craft and working for the Marvin Martian of fashion designs. Her mother ship will surly return for her after this segment. Hopefully she has time to see Bieber’s interview for their research.

Amber Rose has some crazy black mask on her face that is supposed to be shades. She has a crazy 90’s era looking outfit on that’s belted and topped off with boots that are monkey’s. The strangest part of her style were her finger nails. They were covered with pictures of fast food. Fries, popcorn, chicken, mashed potatoes, cheeseburger…all that was missing was a tooth pick dispenser on her pinky.


1.) Who was your celebrity crush?

Amber says Slash from Gun n Roses and Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Jenni says Ricky Schroder

Loni says Michael Jackson and the Beach Boys.

2.) Do you believe in love at first sight?

Jenni says no. She believes in lust at first sight

Amber Rose says she and her fiancé, Kalief, had love at first tweet. They met through twitter.

Loni says she believes in love at first sight of a bank account. HA HA!!!

3.) Can a girl change a guy who is a player?

Amber feels that men go for looks first but if the woman has everything else they are looking for, then they know it’s over and their player days are over.

Jenni thinks you should be doting, nourishing and kind in your relationship to keep it together and change a player.

4.) Differences between women and men in style of breaking up

Bethenny believes that women put up with a lot of crap from men over and over until 1 day they just can’t take it any longer and snap. They decide it’s over. “Don’t come back or I’ll cut you”.

Loni said that she had a man have his mother call her to do break up for him! Gasp! What a punk!

Amber says that some men cheat and keep their steady girl friend on the side lines and continue to cheat until the girl can’t take it any more…then they snap…it’s over. ((cough…Kanye…cough))

Baby, Baby, Baby, OHHHH! Beiber is FINALLY here! He comes out looking absolutely adorable and casual. He’s wearing black saggy jeans, white long sleeve shirt and a jean vest. He’s also wearing a red baseball cap and a diamond studded earring in each ear lobe. His brown eyes melt our ice cold hearts immediately.

There is a brief clip of Justin meeting Bryn (Bethenny’s daughter) tickling her playfully, holding her for a few seconds, and singing with Bethenny to her! We DIE! It is TOO CUTE for words! Bryn is simply sweet and cute with a red and white polka dot sun dress and little pig tails. She called him the Biebs. Precious!
See it here.

How many mothers out there can put something like this in their kid’s scrapbook? We don’t know of any others.

How does something like this even happen??? You must first come from a place of YES!

One day Bethenny is struggling to make ends meet, no money, no job, no man…and now…she is married, has a successful business, her own talk show with Justin Bieber as a guest who is serenading her 2 year old daughter. HUGE!
NO WORDS for this moment.

Bethenny sits down with Justin and chats about things they have in common. You know, everyday things…Like…they have both been on the cover of Forbes Magazine!!!!! They talk business for a few minutes…

Justin’s new CD is called “Believe” and it’s the #1 CD in the WORLD! BAM!

Bethenny says it’s a fitting title because it seems to have been the mantra for his entire life. He replies, “Yes. With everything I do, I try to spread a positive message. I feel that with this album, whether you believe in your dreams, you believe in God, what ever you believe in, it’s always positive to just believe.”

Bethenny feels like it’s a great message and kids need positive role models like Justin Bieber. He has stayed positive, humble and grounded through his popularity by keeping his family close. They are the people that care about him the most and love him for himself no matter what. His mother has been played a major role in keeping him grounded and protected with strict rules and curfews. She has reluctantly agreed to give him some more freedom since he has turned 18. We can’t imagine how hard it must be as a mother, to let go. Bless her.

Bethenny points out that many other young celebrities have went down the wrong path after fame hits them. Justin feels a sense of responsibly to his fan base to walk the straight and narrow path and do the right thing on this journey.

He thanks all of his Beliebers out there for the support. He knows he is not perfect and makes mistakes but he tries to learn from them and be a better person. He’s only 18 and SO WISE! Great job to his Mom!

Bethenny calls the lucky girls sitting in the VIP green room to come out on stage to meet with Justin Bieber personally.
They scream and race out of the green room like the running of the bulls.

Justin is fidgeting in his seat and nervous now. We can see sweat beads forming on his face. He quickly wipes them off. Readjusts his baseball cap and vest and takes it like a champ. We love him even more for staying and keeping the bigger picture in mind while a heard of screaming girls run straight for him like a freight train. There’s really is no escaping anyway. Even MacGyver would be screwed. HA

He sticks around after they come out to sit in the front row. He is very sweet & gracious. They all simply adore him and he does not let them down.

Bethenny talks about how Usher stamped Bieber with approval to get his career going a few years ago. Usher signed him with his entertainment label, Raymond Braun Media Group and passed him on to L.A. Reid for a record deal. Bethenny was stamped by Ellen DeGeneres when Ellen decided to produce Bethenny’s talk show through her production company, A Very Good Production.
They were both given huge breaks and are able to make money doing what they love. Very blessed and winning.

Bethenny asks Justin what message or advice has Usher given him. He says that Usher has always told him “just to have fun in everything you do”.

Justin recently played for and audience of 300,000 people in Mexico City. WOW! He rarely gets nervous before performances but was admittedly nervous for this show. HA!

He knows that his fans are there for him and support him no matter what happens during a show. He can make an occasional mistake on stage. Wrong dance moves or messed up words to a song. Even he makes mistakes on stage but he does not worry about it.

Bethenny says there are sometimes happy accidents which are accidents that can result in better outcomes than if it were perfect. Justin said, “Unless you’re just walking into glass doors…”. HA This made us choke on our jelly beans laughing and spill a satchel of gold on the floor. We all remember the Real Housewives of New York episode featuring KooKoo Kelly Bensimone walking into sliding glass doors on a luxury yacht. Those things are so tricky. “Open sesame” didn’t even help her get those things to open. HA HA! Ahhhh. Memories.

Justin reveals a hidden talent. Juggling lemons! He’s really good!
Who knew?!

Justin sits down with 3 special fans. These teen girls are beautiful and emotionally moved by Justin’s presence. They each get to thank him personally for helping them get through difficult times with his music. It’s really sweet to see this. He listens to each one attentively and appreciates what they are telling him.

Jessica- His music helped her through family problems and dealing with trust issues due to her father and step father leaving.

Gabby- Survived brain surgery 2 years ago. His music calmed her during the surgical experience and helped her heal afterward.

Shaneka- His music helped her persevere during her junior year of high school. It was competitive. She was able to find the will power to do her best academically.

Bethenny gives each one of these girls tickets to a Justin Bieber concert!
She takes the words out of our mouth when she says, “It’s magical that at such a young age you know how to inspire people.”

It’s so true. He’s so kind and approachable to these vulnerable teen girls who look up to him. It’s truly magic. He is prince charming to millions.

Justin starts to answer audience questions. One girl asks him what he’s bad at. He tells us he is very bad at tennis. Oh well. Every super hero has their kryptonite. HA!

His segment was cut short by 10 minutes when a special FOX news report butted in. One minute, I’m looking at Justin Beiber and the next Mitt Romney giving his response to a health care ruling. It might be important news…but why couldn’t it wait until Dr.Oz ‘s show in the next hour.

That was FOX'd up!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jodie's Skinnygirl Daily success story!

My good Twitter friend @Jodie_Atkinson has lost an astonishing amount of weight using Skinnygirl Daily. Read all about her success story in her own words below!

The Original Skinnygirl herself even signed the magazine ad Jodie was in!!!


I started using Bethenny Frankels Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore +Weight Management when they first came out last year. I wanted a cleanse that was all natural because I needed something to regulate myself that did not contain any stimulants. About a month later Bethenny’s Weight Management was available online and I decided to give it a try. This product is all natural, is proven to burn fat and contains B-12, CLA, Flaxseed Oil and Grapefruit Oil.

However, in addition to using the cleanse and weight management, I took Bethenny Frankels advice on how to eat a healthier balanced diet, how not to deprive myself and most of all portion control. I continued to eat everything in moderation and the only thing I completely gave up was soda. I started this in February 2011 and did not weigh myself until December 2011 two weeks before New Year’s Eve and discovered that I lost 30 pounds, was I in shock! I was impressed with Bethenny’s advice on how to eat healthier as well as her belief that diets do not work. I decided to go onto Skinnygirl Daily’s website to read comments other people had written and decided to reply with my success!

In January 2012 I had lost a total of 38 pounds and was back to the weight I was in my 20’s. Skinnygirl Daily contacted me and asked if I would send them before and after pictures and so I did. Skinnygirl Daily used me in multiple advertisements in star Magazine for bethenny’s products. I am extremely thankful for these products, for Bethenny’s advice on how to eat healthier and her statement that diets do not work. Bethenny has been such an inspiration and my motivation behind believing that you can lose the weight without dieting. I am living proof that this really does work!
I am 40 years old and never thought I could lose the weight. It is possible for anyone and it does not matter what age you are! I am extremely happy to say I am down another 3 pounds and am now at a total of 41 pounds. I have reached my goal, but will continue to use these products. Bethenny Frankel has changed my life and she can do the same for you!

You can find these products at or your local GNC store. Weight Management is also sold at Wal-Mart.

Friday, June 29, 2012

GUEST BLOG: 'bethenny' episode 12

Lovin my girl @Acute_Tweetment's takes on Bethenny's talk show!


Bethenny’s talk show airs episode 12 on June 26, 2012 on FOX Philly.

Today’s show opens up with behind the scenes footage of Bethenny sitting with her producers a couple of hours before the show and brain storming for questions to discuss with Mario Lopez. We all know he is on Extra now but remember him as Slater on Saved By The Bell. Don’t try and act like you never watched it…

Bethenny was once a production assistant on the set of the show!!! Amazing how much has changed since then.
The awesome part of this scene is that a producer “produces” an old picture of Bethenny on the set with Screech next to her. It’s great! It came from a box of pictures she gave them and she had long since forgotten about. The look of surprise on her face was priceless!

Back to the studio for the start of the show! “Calling all my girls”….
Bethenny comes out fixed up and looking cute with a head band, dark blue button down shirt, green skirt, tassel belt, and orange pumps…I know it sounds like Bjork styled her but it all came together and worked for her.

First guest…Mario Lopez! Damn those dimples! They have not aged a bit! He comes out looking dashing and gorgeous wearing grey slacks and a black shirt. Simple and sexy. He’s carrying a gigantic bouquet of flowers wrapped in a purple ribbon for Bethenny. The audience is going WILD!

Mario opens up by saying he remembers the photo of Bethenny on the set of SBTB. He said she was always so sweet and cool with everybody…and that he had a crush on her back in the day! OMG. She had no idea. This information was not in her book, Skinnydipping…
He reveals this now after Bethenny Getting Married and they both have had little girls. Bethenny is married and he is engaged to be married in December. Congrats!
Oh well…It’s cute and flattering to our Queen of TMI.

Discussion topics:

• Chris Brown’s recent tussle with Drake in a NYC club. The rumor is that it somehow has to do with Rihanna.
What’s the attraction to bad boys? Rihanna just can’t help herself.
Mario feels like Rihanna should not even be entertaining the idea of Chris Brown after he crossed the line by physically assaulting her a few years ago. Temper, temper. Once that line is crossed you should not look back. He’s so right…
Bad boy becomes just plain bad at that point.
Mario thinks a player is someone who is deceitful, cheating and lying to women. A playa is someone who gets loads of girls and is just lucky…Obviously his dimples are playas.

More topics

• Halle Berry was ordered to pay her ex a whopping $20,000 per month in child support! SCREECH!
• Rielle Hunter’s memoir…ugh….Saved by the plug for Mario’s new underwear line…

We see several gratuitous photos of him sporting boxer briefs and showing off his rippling, muscular, veiny, and hard body on projection. His new underwear line is called Rated M.
Mario works out a lot…and it shows. We can smell the testosterone through our high definition tv.
Uhm…we would have loved to be in the laboratory when he was developing the prototypes…HA HA

Mario believes that working out should be done when ever and where ever saying, “I work out for sanity and not for vanity”. It’s a stress reliever. He does a push up with Bethenny sitting on his back…then another push up with Bethenny’s cocktail on his rear end. Impressive…but….
My heart still belongs to CoCo…having flash backs of Bethenny pouring her cocktail on Mrs. Ice T’s rear…ehem…
Okay….back to Mario….

Mario wrote a children’s book for his daughter…while bench pressing his fiancé. It’s called Mario and Baby Gia. How sweet!
He sticks around to hang out with the girlfriend panel. Loni Love is back! She comes out with Tracy McMillan. Tracy is the author of Why You’re Not Married.

Loni immediately starts moving in on Mario…she’s putting out strong vibes with the look in her eyes and even crossing her legs. She said she’s serious because she’s not crossed her legs for a man since 1992. HA!!!

Bethenny asks Tracy why are women not getting married? What’s the problem? Tracy says, “The first big challenge starts out with Chapter 1…You’re a Bitch. Gagged on our coffee… laughing!!!
That could have been Cookie’s set back…she’s not worried about it, though.

Bethenny tries to get the audience comfortable with the word “vagina” by saying it together. Mario is the only one in the room who does not get in on this. Oh well..We still can’t say it without laughing any way…
Ina, Gina, Vagina…Vageena…lets call the whole thing off.

Moving on to a video that contains Shit Girls Say…like….”Shut up, what’s my pass word, listen, could you not do that…”

Loni points out that it’s shit white girls say. Black girls say, “Are you livin’ with your momma or is your momma livin’ with you?” HA HA HA

Moving on to the topic of cheesy pick up lines. A dude in the audience shares his favorite. “Are your parents bakers…’cause you’re a cutie pie”.

Loni says, “he ain’t getting NO love”

Mario did not ever really use pick up lines with girls. Loni says what we’re all thinking…”he doesn’t need any”…
His dimples do all the talking for him.

Several girls appear with issues wearing jeans. They don’t fit right or look right. They get help from a fashion and jean expert, Rachel Zalis.

Fast forward….to our favorite part of this episode.
It’s the video footage of Cookie mauling one of Bethenny’s producers during a meeting. We watched it over and over and even in slow motion. Howled with laughter every time.

Cookie is Bethenny’s beloved 11 ½ year old dog. She’s seen it all and been through it all with Bethenny. Ups, downs,business, engagements, breakups, marriage, pregnancy, child rearing. They are a team. Girl power to the 100th power. She’s Bethenny’s bitch. Bethenny is the brain and Cookie is the brawn behind Skinny Girl. If Bethenny were a dog…she would transform into Cookie. We love Cookie. Something about her that we all get. She’s devoted to Bethenny and she sets boundaries with others. We all remember Shawn Rapideau having to get through Cookie first when he came to the apartment to discuss wedding planning with Bethenny. The dog attacked him, snarled at him. He was a dangerous intruder with balls. Only visitors with vagina’s were safe. Well, Cookie now wears Shawn’s balls around her collar as a souvenir from NYC and a message to Bethenny’s male producers in LA.. I guess Andy (Bethenny’s producer) did not get the message.

During a briefing with Bethenny and several producers sitting on a comfy couch…they were discussing women cheating and if they can save their marriage afterward. Andy (Bethenny producer) was curled up on the couch…his legs open. First mistake…HA!
As he shifted and extended his leg, he stepped on Cookie. Second and Third mistake. She attacked his foot like her life depended on it. She made mauling his foot her business. He screamed and begged for mercy saying, “OH JESUS, I didn’t see you” She continues snapping her teeth on his foot. “OH MY GOD, STOP!”. HA HA HA HA HA! The look of horror on the other producers face make us pee our selves. TERROR and SHOCK!

Okay. Only the fear of God and Jesus can get Andy out of Cookie’s jaw. She eventually backs down. She must be very religious. Andy says, “Are you fucking kidding me with this dog…holy shit”…HA HA HA! Everyone in the room is rolling around laughing. I’m still cracking up!
Nope. Cookie is totally serious. Don’t cross her. Keep your legs closed and your feet up. No sudden moves.

She adds Andy’s toes to her dog collar and they clink together with Shawn’s balls. I bet Andy must be intimidated by this during his briefings in the office. Cookie’s not a player…she’s a killer ya’ll.

Cookie is wondering what’s for dessert at this point. She has some indigestion from Andy’s foot but she’s a trooper and won’t skip out on treats.

Andy says that he is the victim in this case and has retained Gloria Allred as his attorney. Cookie’s not scared. She’s no stranger to the courtroom….She’s going to come out of this with a producers badge, lawyer’s license, and a judge’s gravel. Court adjourned.

Bowing down to the Queen of TMI as she signs out!

Acute_Tweetment….sharing my opinions that are Veryfried in Writing…

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GUEST BLOG: 'bethenny' episode 7

Week 2 of 'bethenny' means a second round of guest blogs from my dear Twumpkin @Acute_Tweetment - yay!

Bethenny’s talk show airs episode 7 on June 19, 2012 on FOX Philly. “Calling all my girls” starts playing and I automatically begin feeling the call of the wild and have a strong urge to howl at the moon….or the sun since this is DAYTIME…my legs are already hairy enough to be considered a wolverine’s. ha

Ohhh LA LAAA! Bethenny comes out from behind the stage in a teasing and sexy manner showing a little leg. She looks so cute in a striped mini skirt topped with a white button down blouse. Her outfit is accessorized with navy blue beaded necklaces around her neck and bracelets on her wrists. We are loving her hair in a high pony tail with long bangs hanging around her face today.

She dances playfully to her opening theme song and waves to the packed audience who are clapping and cheering for her appearance. She starts by saying, “This is the best….I’m having the best time. What a way to start the day!”

Must be amazing! I usually have my eye lids peeled back by a toddler standing near the head of my bed at 6:30 AM saying, “Is it morning time, Mommy?”

She asks if everyone knows what the term “free pass” means in a relationship. She explains to us, and we pretend we don’t already know (heeheee), that it’s a pass to have a sexual experience with another person other than your partner. It’s often a celebrity crush or someone you know they never have a chance of meeting and no shot in HELL of sleeping with. All in good fun.

Jason’s free pass pick used to be Angelina Jolie. She’s 1 sexy Momma. However, her free pass high ranking status was bumped when CoCo appeared on Bethenny’s talk show last week. Bethenny thinks that his mind was changed after she poured a cocktail on CoCo’s rear end. We believe he questioned his free pass decision at that point but totally dumped Angelina when CoCo did the “booty bouncing” exercise demonstration wearing tights, tank and high heels. Bye-bye Angelina…hello CoCo. Brad couldn’t stand the competition anyway. They have 6 kids to consider. HA

Bethenny’s free pass is some young ripped dude with long brown hair named Taylor Hitch. Never heard of him but he is an actor that appears on Friday Night Lights. We’ve never watched it. Didn’t she already anoint the tile store owner with a fully stocked bar as her soul mate on Bethenny Ever After last season? Guess Angelina Jolie is not the only free pass being demoted. HA!

Bethenny loves to hear what men are thinking. She introduces two male guests to discuss today’s topics. Dean McDermott (Tori and Dean) and Finesse Mitchell (comedian).

Topic 1: Free Pass?

Dean says no free passes for him and Tori. His wife is hot enough for him. We have to agree with him.

Finesse Mitchell says his fiancé gives him a free pass for who ever he wants but if she ever asks him….he’s been in the game long enough to know that it’s a set up question. HA! He said she can have a free pass pick but if he does…and it’s a real person…it’s a problem! Bethenny agrees with him. It’s only okay if it’s Nell Carter from the sitcom Gimme a Break! It should not be someone hot. Bethenny’s producer politely tells her that Nell Carter died a few years back. UGH! She’s embarrassed. Kind of sad, but forgivable. Not as bad as Kathie Lee’s oopsie on the Today show interview with Martin Short a few weeks ago. Truly cringe worthy. Not going into that any further.
Bethenny apologized and paid homage to Nells extraordinary boobs (may they breast in peace) and moved on. She also points out that Finesse was the sicko who had her on his free pass list.

Topic 2: Female Bread Winners in the Relationship

Finesse Mitchell is okay with his fiancé giving him a financial break. He would not feel any guilt about not working while she was. He would pray about it and if he remained unemployed after that, it would be a sign that he Jesus is telling him he deserves a break. HA HA HA!

Topic 3: Are body shapers and undergarment enhancements false advertisement?

The guys don’t seem to like the idea of this until Bethenny pretends to drop something and bends over…to take a drink of her water…her butt is stuck out and exaggerated while the guys fall all over each other trying to get a better look. Bethenny is making herself wish list material…
What is it with Bethenny, booties and drinks! I guess they all go together.
Men don’t seem to appreciate the false curves underwear but Bethenny knows its common practice and she’s made a business out of this stuff.

Goodbye man panel.

Next…Weight loss products and gimmicks. 60 Billion dollar per year industry! Yes. I said BILLION! Sounds like a line from Dr. Evil in the movie Austin Powers… with his pinky in his mouth. People buy into it.

Ali Vincent comes on the show to talk about weight loss products. She’s the first contestant to win on the Biggest Loser show. She lost an astonishing 112 pounds. WOW! She arrives on stage with boundless energy and excitement over Bethenny. She displays examples of weight loss devices and gimmicks that make tons of money. Fat burning contraptions, belts, bands, girdles, sweating pants, simulation jump rope, stools, and a gold mask that reduces facial fat. It’s all crazy and far fetched. I feel myself drifting off…Bethenny must have sensed that she was losing the interest of viewers and suddenly grabs the jump rope stick, puts the gold mask on her head, mounts the galloping stool while wearing her short skirt. Ali uses her hand to cover Bethenny’s crotch! I can hear her saying to her producers after the show, “Sorry about my vagina.” Jackie (Bethenny’s assistant) see’s that girls vagina so much, she could just fill Bethenny’s gynecologist in on the details every year while Bethenny stays home during annual pap exams.

Bethenny introduces Elizabeth who has had some major diet struggles and loud food noise in her life. She was even hospitalized for her eating disorder. This girl was seriously channeling Romona Singer with her wide and wild eyes but we think she is very sweet and has been thru a lot so we’ll lay off of the crazy eyes jokes. Elizabeth tells us the turning point in her life was when she read Bethenny’s book, Naturally Thin. It changed everything for her. Way to go Bethenny! Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth.

Dr. Raj is back to answer more girly sex questions! She looks very pretty and fresh in a purple sleeveless dress.

1.) Can your breast implants explode when traveling in an air plane? Answer- NOPE
2.) Are there any foods or sexual positions that will increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant with a specific gender? Boy versus girl. Answer-Nope. Just myths.
3.) Can vaginas break? Viewer Kim skypes in from Kansas City, MO. She is lying on her bed at home wearing a red dress and the camera angle is largely focusing squarely on her crotch! The ironic thing is that her question was that if men can break their penis during sex, can a woman break her vagina in the same manner? Bethenny seems shocked that this woman’s legs are wide open on the screen and says, “you look like you have all of the answers”. OMG! Weird! Was this intentional from a producer? Bethenny may go all ‘Sybil Hunter’ on their ass after the show. The answer from Dr. Raj is NOPE. Vagina’s can’t break. Invincible. They are like a super hero in the sexual gender world. Oh well. I’ve got to get a new excuse to give my husband tonight for skipping out on sex. HA
4.) How do male OBGyn’s look at boobies and vagina all day and not become aroused? Dr. Raj suggests that they do what they do all the time. They become desensitized looking at the same thing after a while. There are some exceptions to that so viewers should trust their intuition.
These docs probably hope their wives use a free pass by the time they get home so they don’t have to look at another vagina after they clock out of the office. It’s like home work.

Bethenny moves on to a serious topic. Miscarriage in pregnancy. Bethenny shares that she experienced a miscarriage a couple of months ago. This breaks our heart! 1 out of 4 women go through it that actually know about it. It can be traumatic. You’ve created a person that will never exist beyond your hopes and dreams. Bethenny becomes very emotional and teary eyed. People just need support during this. Emotional and physical. Listening and hugging. It can be difficult for the guys too. They often don’t know how to deal with things like this but they hurt and feel a sense of loss too. It’s normal to grieve and mourn during and after a miscarriage. Girl friends are a valuable weapon in protecting our sanity. It’s a good thing to talk about it with each other. It’s surprising how many ladies experience this.
It also helps to have Dr. Amador (Bethenny’s therapist) on speed dial. ;-)

Bowing down to the Queen of TMI as she signs out!

Acute_Tweetment….sharing my opinions that are Veryfried in Writing…

REVIEW: Skinnygirl Skinnymini Margaritas

I cannot get enough of these Skinnymini bottles of Skinnygirl Margarita!!!! Bethenny continuously outdoes herself & this is THE perfect drink for summer.

We all know & love the original Skinnygirl Margarita, so to have it in these adorable 4-packs are amazing! Provides just the right amount of buzz in the cutest bottle.

At just over 160 calories per Skinnymini, these Skinnygirl Cocktails stay true to the line while adding a fun layer of summer excitement.

Last summer was the introduction of Bethenny's second 'girl, White Sangria, and now a just a year later there are a whopping 13 Skinnygirl Cocktails varieties to choose from! Incredible!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

'bethenny' episode 6

Bethenny looked beautiful on her talk show today!!! And Cookie was on the couch too :)

Today's show (6/18/12) was all about vibrators lol

Lisa Rinna, one of Bethenny's real-life girlfriends, joined B on her couch with Cookie and reminisced about their friendship. It turns out their friendship kind of happened on 'The Real Housewives of New York City' at a fashion show. Now, they give each other advice, share drinks, talk business, and have a really fun, nice friendship. They even have sexy black dress nip-slips in common!

The Queen of TMI really puts it out there every day of the week, and it's fun to have Lisa to match her openness. They talked about Lisa's sex book and "pretty porn," where the porno stars make love in a nice way without dark S&M or crazy shit.

The conversation with the "Vibrator Virgin" was interesting & apparently a lot goes into choosing & using.

Bethenny's visit to the sex toy shop was hilarious & very informative (if I had a vagina). The "fuck fan" oral sex simulator was the most surprising sex toy I've seen!

The prehistoric sex toys were so scary looking!!! And the "NOT FOR DAYTIME" censor sticker over half the table was pretty funny... I guess some of the vibrators are too raunchy looking.

Some audience members wanted to introduce vibrators into their relationships, so I wonder how that will work out... I don't know how I'd feel about that.

Kandi Burruss was then invited onto Bethenny's couch and I really liked seeing another Housewife on the show. Bethenny said she respects Kandi's authenticity and they had a good conversation about how Kandi got into the adult toy industry.

Bethenny demonstrated how Bedroom Kandi moves along to music and Kandi said she will work on a music-motion vagina for men as well. Hilarious. (Might be worth trying ;) Send me a prototype, Kandi!)

I really like Kandi and was glad to see she & Bethenny get along so well. I love how open they both are at all times. Very refreshing.

It's so fun when Bethenny takes questions from the audience and I love how real she is and how well she interacts with people. I enjoyed the Real Housewives questions for sure!

The Original Skinnygirl was totally made for this!!!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

'bethenny' episode 5

A huge thank you to @Acute_Tweetment for blogging episodes 2, 3, and 4 of Bethenny's new talk show this week!!!

I got to watch episode 5 (6/15/12) of 'bethenny' today... and let me tell you, I picked a good day to tune in! All about breasts! haha

So Bethenny had guests who were wearing the incorrect bras and then had an expert that accurately measured their breasts (where do I apply?! ;))

B also had a tit specialist on who took questions from the audience. Some questions were bizarre (inverted nipples??) but the answers were very informative. I love that Bethenny is all about education! Even if it's sex ed! ;)

There was also this sexy Chinese corset that creates cleavage (woo!) and areola makeup that helps pigment your areola to whatever color (or colors of the rainbow) you choose. Pretty funky.

I am loving this talk show and feel like Bethenny is really in her element. So happy for her!

GUEST BLOG: 'bethenny' eps 3&4

Thanks again to @Acute_Tweement!!!! Xo

Bethenny’s talk show airs episode 3 on June 13, 2012 with her signature song“Calling all my girls”

Bethenny is shown preparing to walk out to her audience. She hugs a producer before being directed by another to move on out for show time! The crowd greets her with loud cheers as she dances and prances onto the stage.
She is cheerful and happy wearing a white blazer over a coral colored sequined shirt and jeans. She opens up saying,
“How crazy is this!? This is still so crazy. It’s not like there’s a guide book, it’s not like there’s hand book. The producers just throw you out there like you’re in the wild!”

Hmmm..well you did have Scary Island Survivor written on your resume…haha

She brings up her how glamorous her life is now that she moved to LA for her very own talk show produced by Ellen. She and Jason were ready for the chill life of the West Coast but a full flea infestation halted those plans temporarily. Poor Cookie. She’s the biggest victim in this scenario. Her motto is: She is to eat and not be eaten…haha

Bethenny has a candid camera confessional booth that is dubbed “Frankly Speaking”. An audience member confesses on camera that she would sleep with someone for financial gain. She is a single mother and times are tough! 20 people in the audience agree with her. Bethenny says they are “Shameful and slutty without morals, like herslelf.” Hey…she wrote a book about a place of YES and gong for yours. J
“She continues by saying, “There is no judgment here…I just want to know…I just want to talk about it”.

Bethenny introduces her all girl panel to further discuss this topic.
Ali Fedotowski, Tiffany Haddish, and Jody Fletcher.
The ladies walk out onto the stage in assorted colors like a pretty bouquet…red, pink, and green dresses.

Ali tells us she would not sleep with anyone for financial gain because she wants to set a good example for any children she has in the future…noble…blah blah….boring..ha

Tiffany says “YES!”…interesting

Jody says: “Yes. You do it for no reasons some times”…brilliant!

Bethenny points out that Women’s Health Magazine reported that women hit their daily sexual peek at 11:00PM. Hmmm. Interesting. I need to research what this sexual peek feels like…if I could only stay up to 11:00PM…damn. HA!

Jody chimes in, “Yeah…If you’re drunk!”

Tiffany shares that it’s better for her to wait until the morning…she is well rested and marinated through the night and peeks when the sun comes up. We have to agree with her. Night time sex can be very stale and flavorless without time to marinate the slab of meat.

Relationship agreements are the next topic. Bethenny wants to talk about Mark Zuckerberg’s agreement with his new wife, Priscilla, to spend 100 minutes per week together free of work or phones….say what???
She is interrupted by a producer signaling that it’s time for a commercial break. This is hilarious how that happens casually on her show. It’s like being with friends talking, laughing and then interrupted by hubby saying he needs help in the kitchen. HA!

After the break they further discuss relationship agreements for quality couple time. Bethenny says she does not need to work out a time frame for torturing Jason. She just does it all day with out a contract. Jody interjects that Jason probably needs a contract for 100 minutes away from Bethenny per week. HA HA HA!!! Funny ;-)

There are also social media contracts in relationships. Just another sign of our time. These keep your significant other from releasing too much information thru social media’s like Twitter or Facebook. Jason probably has one of these since he’s married to the Queen of TMI. Iron clad. J

Other couples require that they each approve of their mates friendships on Facebook. No exes or nemesis are to be accepted. Ali admits that she is friends with all of her exes on Facebook…including Roberto.
Bethenny does not think that Jason would appreciate her accepting friendships of exes on Facebook…but she does have over 900,000 followers on Twitter. A couple of those are bound to be an ex or a 1 night stand. HA!

An audience member suggests having a combined Facebook account and keeping it open without secrecy out of respect to their partner. She believes that exes are exes for a reason and it should end at that. Bethenny wonders if it is worth losing a good friendship over a jealous spouse. The audience member retorts that you may lose a friend but you gain a husband. WOW! Love that! You go girl!

Bethenny says that she is currently disagreeing with herself on this matter. :-D
2 voices in her head can arm wrestle over this during the next break. Ha

Kate Walsh arrives on stage and she looks AAAAHHHmazing! Flawless. Wearing a short-short blue dress that has slits on the sleeves. Her legs are tan and glowing…I scratch one white prickly leg of mine in embarrassment while watching this. Ugh!

Bethenny is obsessed with Kate getting to kiss Taye Diggs on her show Private Practice every day and feels NOTHING. Nada. Okay. We don’t understand this either. We conclude that she must be a cold heartless bitch or an android from outer space. HAHAHA
Kate reveals that she is leaving Private Private after 8 years! WOW! She’s bound to go through Taye Diggs withdrawal after this for sure! We see convulsions, cold sweats, the works.

She has a fragrance line that she exclusively owns called Boyfriend and Billionaire. Bethenny shows them off and tells us how great they smell. We must check it out! Could be used as an anti crotch rot serum when traveling with my hubby. HA!

Moving on to other questions to audience members and the general girly public. Would you ever:

• Sleep with a man who slept with another man just once?
• Would you ever sleep with your ex?
• Would you ever send a nude photo to your partner?

Jason informs Bethenny that he has sexted her a photo of his family jewels and she had NO CLUE! Wait…where did that end up? Maybe it’s just a frequent occurrence with her. I’ve sexted pictures of my balls to her every week for 3 years. Good luck with that Jason. HA

The show ends with an extreme break up story involving a couple who were engaged and the female called it quits and wiped out a joint bank account after they were already paying for preparations of their wedding. Steven Silverstein is suing Kendra Platt-Lee for his money back and damages done to his achey breaky heart. Sad situation. Bet she won’t do that again.

Stephen is single, good looking, has a job and is broken hearted. He’s wounded prey just waiting for an armed hunter. Bethenny says she can help him out. The ladies will find him adorable and irresistible.
“It’s like taking a puppy to the park!”

The Queen of TMI signs out!


Bethenny’s talk show airs episode 4 on June 14, 2012 with her signature song “Calling all my girls”
I answer the call by anchoring my ass to the couch.
Coincidently this episode’s topics focuses mostly on butts! Heheehee!

Bethenny starts out standing amongst the audience looking GORGEOUS in a black mini dress with white polka dots. Her hair is down, wavy and parted down the center. This frames her face perfectly! LOVE!
My girl is dancing…shaking her booty booster and shimmying to the music.

She opens this show by discussing how often she is asked about her business successes and tips on how to make it in the world as an entrepreneur. We all know Bethenny worked her “ass” off to make it! She delivered cookies in a $500 jalopy truck with a cracked windshield, cried alone in her bakery that was falling under, sold pashmina wearing it from head to toe. Yep. Pashmina baseball cap, shirt, skirt, thong, flip flops…she’s still trying to figure out how this business didn’t go global. Ha!
She finally hit it big with Skinny Girl Margarita and Cocktails. She believed this was an idea that would be accepted, demanded, and loved by the public and she was right!
Before the “little cocktail that could” was able to chug with the big trains on the track…Bethenny heard the word NO often. Thankfully she never gave up trying. She knows it pays big to come from a place of yes. She is paying it forward now and seeking out female business entrepreneurs and inventors of new ideas. She would like to bring them public awareness and also invest her own Skinny Girl money in the best ones! That’s AWESOME!

She had 2 ladies on this show who both had clever ideas.
1.) Amy James from Prosepect, Texas

Her invention was the Shutter Hugger. A stuffed animal that surrounds a cameral lens to get your child’s attention and look directly at the camera! Genius and simple!

2. Carrie Goodman from Chicago, Illinois

Her invention was the world’s first fully expandable rings for the finger! Very smart. We all know our weight fluctuates from time to time…swelling from too much MSG, pregnancy, using our middle finger too often on Monday mornings….ha
This took her a year to design. WOW!

Bethenny was very excited talking to these ladies about business and what their next steps should be for success and protecting their rights with patents. I marveled at how Bethenny started waving her arms, talking fast and thinking out loud! She loves this stuff!

Cheryl Burke was the next guest. We all know her from Dancing with the Stars. She arrives wearing a beautiful red dress and holding 2 GIGANTIC sized margaritas! HA!

She sits on Bethenny’s couch and they discuss DWTS, sexting, butts, sex and lack there of…
Cheryl recently reconnected with her estranged father who lives in Thailand. He was involved in a bad car accident this past December and she reached out to him and is glad she did. They stay in touch through email now.

Next topic…Butts…we are a society that is very into butts now. Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Coco…
“Butts with bounce are in this Summer!” says Bethenny.

3 audience members need butt beautifying and doo overs. Bethenny takes them to the Butt Factory on her stage and gives them various shape wear to help “assentuate” their “assets” better.

Fast forward….fast forward… CoCo’s appearance!!! OMG! The most googled butt for a reason! That ass deserves it’s own temple for worship. Bethenny greets her by squeezing her tushy and saying, “I get it”
Yep. It’s real.

CoCo is beautiful and curvaceous. Her lovely lady bumps are in all the right spots. That butt should be studied in a laboratory. Perhaps bottled for others…another business idea for Bethenny. HA!

Ed, an executive producer who has not left the sound booth for 19 years, emerges on stage to meet his long time crush, CoCo.
His mission….He places a coaster on her ass and Bethenny puts a glass on top of the coaster. She then pours herself a cocktail from a Skinny Mini bottle….all on CoCo’s gluteus maximus. Hey… There was enough room for 2…HA HA HA!!!!
This is spank bank gold for Ed! He’s loaded for months!

Moving along…a work out guru named Dizzy Gold (or something like that) tries to demonstrate exercise techniques with CoCo in full exercise attire…tights, sports tank, and wearing high heels!!!! I have no idea what Dizzy is talking about. I am hypnotized by CoCo. I know Ice T is on some Beta Blockers. HOLY SHIT BALLS! She’s hot. How does she not have her own show? OH SHE DOES!!! It’s called CoCo’s World and it’s on E. ….Ed is submitting his resume now…

Audience members get on stage and get involved in a move called the Booty Bounce. I still can ONLY SEE COCO!
They get down and do some crazy lunging exercises and Coco keeps her heels on while Bethenny kicks hers off saying at CoCo”This one is another level”. She’s right. Wait?? What was Bethenny just saying…I can only see CoCo. Someone slap me! (whack) Thank you to my 3 year old for slapping me, breaking the hypnosis and bringing me back to reality. Time to make lunch.

Oh yeah. The 3 audience members with butt doo overs return to show off their new tooshy makeovers. There are improvements. But… it’s still not even close to CoCo’s coccyx. Bummer! HA HA HA!

Bowing down to the Queen of TMI as she signs out!

Acute_Tweetment….sharing my opinions that are Veryfried in Writing…

Thursday, June 14, 2012

GUEST BLOG: 'bethenny' episode 2 by Acute_Tweetment

I asked my good Twitter buddy and fellow Bethenny superfan @Acute_Tweetment to write a guest blog of 'bethenny' the talk show on Oh Hell Yes! since I haven't been able to watch everyday. Hope you enjoy! And THANK YOU so much for writing, Corrie! Xo

Bethenny FINALLY has her own talk show! Seems like a no brainer, right? After all of the years she’s been on reality television. Armed with her straight shooter wit and hilarious commentary during real situations makes her a natural for this arena.

Her show’s theme song gets me excited and teary eyed all at once. Bethenny comes out on stage smiling & dancing as the song blares…”Calling all my girls…”

On episode 2 (airing June 12, 2012) the original Skinny Girl arrives onto her very own stage again and discusses meeting President Obama for the first time! He personally wished her good luck on her new show produced by Ellen Degeneres! NO WORDS!!!!
Unfortunately, or fortunately…. her dress did not look right with underwear so she went to this event commando. HA! STILL NO WORDS! No panties meeting our very own president. I’d need some depends… ha

The boss lady, Ellen, makes an appearance on this episode. She walks in from behind the stage pulling panties out of her pocket…HA HA HA!

These two ladies are so cute together. Very different in comedic styles and personality but they mix well when together. Clearly they have a lot of love and respect for each other personally and professionally. Ellen has had her fair share of ups and downs and was always true to herself just the same as Bethenny. Ellen is a genius producer for taking this opportunity to unleash our beloved queen of TMI to a day time slot on television. A bit of a gamble but a Brilliant move. She needed a platform to talk to others candidly. When Bethenny starts talking, the magic happens naturally!

Ellen’s wife of 4 years, Portia, cut her long blonde locks to a new shorter hair do. The picture shown on projection looks adorable! Even without professional styling at the time the photo was snapped. That lady is stunning. We love it and so does Ellen.

Ellen shared that she and Portia never argue…ever. They NEVER fight??? WOW! That’s it. I knew I should have been lesbian. Oh well. ha

Ohhh. The giggles Ellen provided when she discussed the book “50 Shades of Grey”. She told Bethenny that she actually offered to make an audio version of the book. HA! She did not want to use the naughty language or describe any focus on the male body parts while talking in a recording studio. She used a paddle to spank her wrist for sound effect. TOO FUNNY!

She left the studio saying that she had things to do but looked at Bethenny and said, “Keep being you because you’re amazing”. WE AGREE!

Holly Robinson-Peete was the next guest on the show. She came out pulling panties from her back pocket… HAHAHA!!!

Bethenny asked her about being booted from The Talk. That’s Bethenny….straight shooter. Holly said, “Welcome to the Bethenny Show!”
She explained that she did what was expected of her for the show and some things were out of her control saying, “Every wall is a door”…”Every opportunity in life is a chance to learn”…
She is happy to have a spot on the sitcom, Mike and Molly on CBS and an appearance on the mega hit movie Bridesmaid.
Holly says that her 4 children are doing great but some days she thinks she’s had 2 too many! HA!!!! I can only imagine!

Bethenny introduces a couple who want to spice up their sex life. Amy and Joe. She takes them to a sex shop. This place was decorated in bright red and black. Closely resembling Alex McCord and Simon VanKempen’s living room after their home’s remodeling seen on the RHONY…! HA!

Surprisingly, Bethenny admitted that this was only her second time going to a sex shop! (gasp with shock!) she seems like such a perv! hahaha
A store sex specialist showed the threesome around the store. There were loads of whips, collars, blind folds, paddles and a leather suit with matching gas mask. WTF?
Bethenny asks Joe to spank her. He does and she said, “Harder!” hahaha
The married couple agreed to try out some new toys and possibly a game of naked hide and seek.

Back at the studio Bethenny gets Holly to try on a collar and blind fold and paddles her on the booty. HILARIOUS! The show continues on to discuss the opinions of guests regarding the book 50 Shades of Grey.

Hopefully Jason gets to benefit from this new experience on his wife’s show. (wink) Naked hide and seek sounds fun! The rats, fleas, roaches can join in too. LOL
The only sex toys the Hoppy’s have discussed were matching mouth guards at night. Let’s see if they expand on that. HA

This is THE BEST talk show on daytime. It’s fun and enjoyable from beginning to end. Bowing down to my beloved queen of TMI!

Thanks for reading!

@Acute_Tweetment….sharing my opinions that are Veryfried in Writing

Monday, June 11, 2012

The premiere of 'bethenny,' the talk show!

It's here! Bethenny Frankel's self-titled talk show premiered today in select markets (NYC, L.A., Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas & Minneapolis) & it was SO much fun!

Bethenny is a real natural. I ask again, is there anything this woman can't do?! She is so amazing & so inspiring!

Within the first 20 seconds, I made it into the premiere! ;) I LOVED "the road to the talk show" that they did with clips from Bethenny's reality show past lives that showed the progression of The Original Skinnygirl's success.

As Bethenny danced her way onto her spectacularly decorated stage, Pink blared over the audience's roaring applause. I think Pink wrote an original song for B's show, but I'm not sure. Very cool if so!

The first segment with the male comedians was very funny, very real, and also very current. They talked about teacher-student relations, breast feeding, divorce (Bethenny & Jason are thankfully still going strong!), and, of course, penis size. Great topics! haha

The at-home beauty tips were great and so much cheaper than the packaged expensive brands. Who knew a banana peel on a pimple got rid of it or that Miracle Whip made a great face mask? An avocado hair mask and a Skinnygirl Margarita-inspired salt body scrub were made using everyday household items.

Doctor Sex was fun and had some good info to share with Bethenny and the audience. And Jason! It was so cute of Jason to jump right in and participate. Dr. Raj really did have a lot of great information and she also had a lot of fun with the questions.


The first episode went so quick but it was so great!!! It felt like Bethenny was right at home doing a talk show, and I really couldn't be more proud of her for accomplishing yet another one of her dreams. THIS is why I've been a loyal fan of Bethenny for years - I've always believed in her, and she always believes in herself; I love a success story!

For more info on 'Bethenny' visit