Saturday, September 1, 2007

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Figure Review

Possibly my all-time favorite show, 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' has spawned a multitude of licensed merchandise, and my favorite of those items are the action figures. Originally produced by Moore Action Collectibles, the line was cancelled and renewed by Diamond Select Toys; DST also revived the 'Buffy' figures by creating deluxe-style action figures that are super-poseable and have interchangeable parts. This line of deluxe figures began with the most popular Slayers in Sunnydale: Buffy & Faith. The six-figure first series was stunning and really renewed the interest in some classic 'Buffy' episodes for me. Me not being as big a fan of the 'Angel' spinoff series on TV, the second series of deluxe figures from that show featuring Angel & Spike didn't interest me as much, although I did get the Vampire Spike because you cannot deny how cool these deluxe figures are. Now in its third series (and possibly final :/ ), DST has finally produced my most-wanted character: Kendra the Vampire Slayer! With just a short stint on the show as Buffy Summers' "replacement" after she kinda died at the end of the first season at the hands of the Master, Kendra showed up in Sunnydale to pick up where Buffy left off - only Buffy was revived by Xander a few minutes after her short death, still keeping her Slayer powers yet activating the next Slayer. Kendra's real death was untimely and before the second season of the show was over, Drusilla had killed Kendra, thus calling the third Slayer, Faith, who got her figure in the first series. So, long story short, the Slayer trio is now complete!!! Enjoy these pictures of the Slayers in action, and check out Time & Space Toys, Cinequest, or your local comic book store for 'Buffy' action figures.

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