Thursday, August 30, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 6

Well as you all know, the incredible Beyoncé has just recently released her Spanish EP entitled Irremplazable with an exclusive DVD available at Wal-Mart stores.

The picture to the left is my own photo of the CD and the following is my own notes on exactly what is on the DVD. I really really really love when Beyoncé sings in Spanish, so the CD was really wonderful for me to hear, and the DVD was put together really well and included so many great things. It was really cool to see the recording process and a lot of behind-the-scenes information. Below are the many things included on the great DVD:

= 1. Beyoncé en Espanol: La Evolucion Latina de Beyoncé (21min)
----a. Making of “Irremplazable” song
----b. “Irremplazable”/”Irreplaceable” acoustic version LIVE
----c. Recording of “Amor Gitano” (originally titled “Gitana”) in NYC with Alejandro Fernandez & producer Rudy Perez
----d. ‘People en Espanol’ covershoot
----e. “Beautiful Liar” video shoot with Shakira
----f. Video premieres from miTRL, TRL, & 106&Park then autographs
----g. “Oye” recording in NYC
----h. Tour rehearsals with Suga Mama band in NYC
----i. Dreamgirls premiere in Paris
----j. The Beyoncé Experience prayer
----k. Behind-the-scenes on tour in various cities
----l. Explanation of “Irreplaceable” as an anthem

= 2. Voltio remix of “Get Me Bodied” music video (7min)
----still extended version of the original, use of different images, rap parts by Voltio in Spanish, varies a bit from the audio track, focuses more on dancing, different beat from the original

As a bonus for all my readers, here is the Spanish version of "Irreplaceable" called "Irremplazable". Hopefully this will entice ya'll to go out and buy this awesome EP-CD/DVD combo.

Words & Sounds, Post 5

Thanks to Ali's Blog, a new track from Ashlee Simpson's as-yet-untitled third album has leaked to the internet. There has been some speculation as to the name of the track, but my favorite title from the list is "Keep Me In The Dark." I have seen the song titled as "Get Away With It" and "Get Away With Murder" as well as "I Don't Wanna Fight", which makes no sense, but out of the first three I kind of took to "Keep Me In The Dark" although "Get Away With Murder" is also equally good. Unfortunately, this version of the song is 'tagged' which means that some robotic woman comes on throughout the song and reminds us all that it is just a demo. I just can't wait until the HQ version is released on iTunes so I know it's good and official ;)

The song has a real fun vibe to it, and the rapping features Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes. At first listen I wasn't so sure about it, but after a few spins, I really like the beat and it is so nice to hear Ashlee singing again. The beats are very island-y and should have been released as a summer song, but better late than never. For your downloading pleasure, here is Ashlee Simpson - "Keep Me In The Dark" (f/ Travis of Gym Class Heroes)!

What do you think of the song? Which title do you think sounds best?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shocking news about Girlfriends

The following is some damn sad news from the set of the new season of Girlfriends. From AOL Black Voices comes this shocking infromation regarding the characters of Joan and Aaron, and also covers some of the themes and tidbits for the eighth season of Girlfriends.
'Girlfriends' is not set to return for its eighth (and presumably final) season until Monday, Oct. 1, but folks are already asking if co-star Jill Marie Jones (who played Toni Childs) will return to the series. The show's executive producer Mara Brock Akil told me during our candid phone interview that if Jones was interested in returning, the show would be willing to have her back. However, she's also confident that 'Girlfriends' will have another impressive season with or without the actress.

"I know that a lot of the audience really missed Toni in the show. I completely understand it and I think I've mentioned it a few times in different articles that it was a disappointment to me as well. But you have to move on. This is part of the business side of things that sometimes affect the creative," Brock explained. "This is just one of the things that's out of my control. I don't have the control to make an actress come back to work."

Though Brock was tight-lipped about the forthcoming storyline for this fall, she did share that the season will have a theme. "I'm kind of theme-ing this season "Joy and Pain." I think everybody is familiar with that wonderful song by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. I think that's life. One minute it's pure joy and there are going to be some painful moments, but the beautiful thing is that all of these friends have each other. It's about support and helping each other through things, which has been the journey of the show forever and it continues to be taken up another level," she disclosed.

The 37-year-old Los Angeles-bred executive also shared that actor Richard T. Jones, who played Tracee Ellis Ross' love interest, Aaron, last season, has been cast in another series (Fox's 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles') and will not be able to return this fall. "We're faced with another challenge because the Richard T. Jones has a new show. What am I going to do with that? We're gonna work with that in a beautiful way. I'm excited about it to go on the journey yet again with Joan," Brock revealed.

Does that mean that Ross' character Joan will be dumped again?

Playing coy, Brock responded: "Who's to say I'm getting rid of [the] Richard T. Jones [character]? Don't underestimate me!"

Hmmmm. Okay!

While ratings for 'Girlfriends' were at an all-time high last season-one of the main reasons the show is now one of the longest running African-American sitcoms on television-Brock is aware that fans had mixed feelings about season seven's storyline.

"Exiting one of your main characters from your show can be a very difficult task and I was very proud of the way we handled that. Part of the success or the allure of the show is that we really did tackle life in a very funny way and sometimes we'll go for the dramatic. With what we had, I was very proud of it. I know sometimes that's difficult for the audience because a lot of times they don't have the inside knowledge; they just have to deal with it. We get to process it a little bit longer and we have the opportunity to be a part of the transition, whereas the audience just has to accept the transition. I understand that, but that's where we disagree. I thought it was a fantastic seventh season! I was very proud of the build that we had to a wonderful finale and that's been the nature of 'Girlfriends' for seven years, and hopefully eight, that we keep rising to the challenges and the obstacles," she said.

I guess we'll just have to tune in this fall and see how Brock continues to evolve the lives of Joan, Maya (Golden Brooks), Lynn (Persia White), William (Reggie Hayes), Darnell (Khalil Kain) and Monica (Keesha Sharp) even with 'Girlfriends' newest obstacles.

Wow so this really blows... I can't believe that when Joan finally finds the perfect man who accepts her crazy ass for who she is, he needs to up and leave or something bad has to happen just because he got a new show. This is so shitty. I mean, I totally have faith in Mara Brock Akil (I mean, look at how phenomenally she handled the whole Toni thing), but this is going to be interesting. I actually think I'd rather them have Aaron replaced with another actor, because it would just be way too sad if his character had to die or something tragic had to happen, as Mara kind of alluded to with her "joy and pain" theme.

We will just have to see how this unfolds, and look to Oh Hell Yes! for many more things on Girlfriends...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Music on iTunes! (Jill Scott & Beyoncé)

Oh my gosh! This is so exciting! iTunes has just added a new EP from Jill Scott to their online music store. The two-song EP includes "Hate On Me" and "The Real Thing Album Sampler" for only .99 -- 99 cents for both tracks!!! The image accompanying the EP is pretty cool too. It's Jill writing in her lyrics/poetry book. How exciting! Support Jill Scott!

Also added to the iTunes store is the new Spanish EP "Irremplazable" from Beyoncé. With amazing songs like "Amor Gitano" and "Oye", this is a must-have! One of the best tracks from this EP is the Timbaland remix of "Get Me Bodied" featuring Voltio. The album art is hot too! Support Beyoncé!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ashlee Simpson NEWS!

Woo-hoo!! Ashlee's website has just been updated with a picture that says her thrid album will be out in November of this year! How exciting. The image is a little wacky but I'm just excited to hear something from her.

Look forward to more Ashlee news as her album release date approaches.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The CW Promo w/ Girlfriends

Well it seems that the CW is finally showing a little support for Girlfriends. As part of their new ad campaign for the new Fall 2007 season, the CW has hired Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls to sing a song as they play clips from their shows around her.

Finally the CW gives Girlfriends the respect it deserves as it enters its eighth wonderful season. This is the first mention of Girlfriends Season 8 from the CW, so it must mean that the October 1st premiere date is fast approaching! All I can say is that I hope season eight can match the greatness of season seven.

Stay hooked at Oh Hell Yes! for more buzz on Girlfriends Season 8!

Words & Sounds, Post 4

Thanks to, I snagged a great poem from Jill Scott's poetry book entitled The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours.

I have been wavering about getting this book of poetry for a long time, and I think I'm just going to have to pick it up soon so I can experience even more of Jill Scott. There is just something about sitting around reading poetry that doesn't really appeal to me. I think I've been spoiled by Jill's incredible vocals!

For some reason I find it better to listen to the melodic flow of Jill's voice than to read her words and attempt to hear how she would do it. Who knows? Maybe when I buy the collection I'll appreciate it more.... I guess time will tell.

But, honestly, the soul Jill pours into every one of her works is really a gift from God. She just has so much to offer and in so many different mediums; like her poetry, her music, her spoken word, her videos. What a true artist!

It is the sad song
the good fight
It is the means of salvation
That instant embrace
The pungent chord
The public sexiness in the key
It is that rapture
That demanding emancipation
the baby crying
that angry pulse
the rolling of the eyes
the brick being thrown
the loud and silent middle finger
It is stating
how we feel
what we do
how we fight
the scars we wear
the violence unseen
the blacks
the purples
the pinks
the green
It is magic without the wand
Without the hat or the suspended lady
It lives
Passing from fingers
To pen
From mouth
to altar
it is

Jill's "The Fact Is (I Need You)" on The Nanny Diaries OST

Well, on one of my regular searches on for Jill Scott music, I came upon this pretty cool item. Jill's great song from Beautifully Human: Words & Sounds Vol 2 called "The Fact Is (I Need You)" is part of the official soundtrack to what looks to be a cute movie, The Nanny Diaries. I just thought it was nice to see some of Jill's talent be exposed on what should be a very popular movie; hopefully the song will be in the movie itself so others can see what I see in Jill.

Jill Scott LIVE from VH1 Soul Stage

Jill Scott has been chosen as a special artist and VH1-Soul gave her a concert special called SoulStage which has just begun airing on the VH1 Soul channel. I know that on the East Coast it is airing tonight at 9pm and tomorrow at both noon and 8pm, and I'm sure it will continue to air through August and probably sporadically into September.

But if you are unable to catch it, or if you don't have digital cable or whatever, has uploaded all of Jill's performances from the concert special for your viewing pleasure. They even have a web-exclusive version of Jill performing "Hate On Me" which was not aired with the original concert on TV.

The setlist was this:
1. The Real Thing
2. The Way
3. Whenever You're Around
4. A Long Walk
5. Golden
[6. Hate On Me]

Jill really killed it on these performances and it is so nice to see her getting the respect she deserves as a featured artist! The performances were so wonderful, solidifying my love of Jill of course and of her first two albums and it also got me super-excited for her upcoming project.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Real Thing: Deluxe Edition Cover & Pre-Order!

If you thought the regular edition album cover of Jill Scott's The Real Thing: Words & Sounds Vol 3 was hot, wait til you see the cover for the Deluxe Edition with DVD! Jill just exudes this soul of sensuality... all I can say is "Oh Hell Yes!"

In other exciting news, both versions of the album are now available for pre-order from I think what I'm going to do when the album drops is buy the regular edition from iTunes and then buy the Deluxe DVD version (which includes all of Jill's music videos) in the store so I can play it in my car and on the TV and all that good stuff. I think that's the way to go!

The Real Thing: Words & Sounds Vol 3 Deluxe Edition w/ DVD

The Real Thing: Words & Sounds Vol 3

In case you hadn't noticed...

In case ya'll hadn't already noticed, there is a great signature and image concerning Jill Scott, along with an up-to-the-second countdown til her album The Real Thing: Words & Sounds Vol 3 drops, at the bottom of this blog. So head down to the bottom of Oh Hell Yes! and keep checking the countdown in anticipation of another classic album!

As the release date approaches, I am going to be posting more of Jill's older tracks so that you can better familiarize yourselves with this phenomenal woman.

Look out for more special things from Jill Scott and Oh Hell Yes!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 3

Well, if you couldn't already tell, I absolutely LOVE Beyoncé Knowles! This woman needs no introduction (and if you don't know about Beyoncé, you musta been living under a rock since forever) so I'm just going to jump right into posting some of my favorite music from her. The first Words & Sounds post dedictaed to Bee is going to have a funk theme.

Beyoncé never ceases to amaze me: whether she's working on new music, creating music videos for every song on an incredible album (like the B'Day Anthology Video Album), or making wonderful movies that once again give her the chance to show off those vocals (like Dreamgirls)...

Going back to one of Beyoncé's earliest solo works and one of her first films, Austin Powers 3: Goldmember, is the funk-inspired song "Work It Out". The beat is very throw-back and I really like the way my body wants to move when this song comes on.

And from Dangerously In Love, I really enjoy "Hip-Hop Star" because it also has a funky kinda beat which mixes so well with Beyoncé's sexy vocal abilities. This track features rap from Big Boi (who recently guest-starred on Girlfriends) and Sleepy Brown.

I think my all-time favorite track from Beyoncé is "Suga Mama". From B'Day, this song has such a funky vibe that is still so damn sexy and the beat just makes you wanna move and let Beyoncé work on me being her man and me letting her be my sexy "Suga Mama."

Daaaamn Beyoncé is so hot! Enjoy ya'll!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Girlfriends: The Second Season DVD news

Exciting news about my favorite show from TV Shows on DVD. Finally, we are getting some extras!! They are finally putting some special features on The Second Season of Girlfriends, out on October 9th. Here are the list of extras as well as the list of 22 episodes from another great season of the best show ever.

Included on the 3-disc set are:

1. The Fallout
2. Just Say No
3. A Full Court Conspiracy
4. Un-Treatable
5. Buh-Bye
6. Willie or Won't He?
7. Trick or Truth
8. Joan's Birthday Suit
9. Maya Takes a Stan
10. Mom's the Word
11. You Better Watch Out
12. I Have a Dream House
13. Sister, Sistah
14. Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter?
15. Can't Stan Ya!
16. Take Me Out After the Ballgame
17. Childs in Charge
18. Taming of the Realtess
19. X Does Not Mark the Spot
20. My Mother, Myself
21. Just Dessert
22. Into the Woods

Also included as part of this DVD set are these special features:
* We All Fall Down: A Closer Look at "Trick or Truth"
* Creating the Show
* Getting the Girls Together
* Episode Guide

That picture on the front cover is perhaps the best picture of the Girlfriends cast that I have ever seen - I love it! And the back cover looks beautiful too. These women truly are gorgeous!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The 'Essence' of Jill Scott

As promised, here are some photos of Jill Scott's spread in the September issue of Essence magazine, on newstands now - go buy it!!

The interview was a pretty good read, nothing too exciting about The Real Thing though, so that was a bit disappointing, but otherwise very nice to see Jill get some coverage.

Jill really lights up the cover with her beauty and charm, and the first picture I posted is very pretty. My favorite is the middle picture because Jill just looks so elegant and dreamy.

Definitely worth buying...

"Irremplazable" Spanish EP from Beyoncé

Well, I absolutely love Beyoncé and hearing her sing in my favorite language was like a fantasy for me, and now she is releasing an entire EP of her Spanish material, which makes me extra happy! This EP, entitled "Irremplazable," will be available in music stores but there is a Wal-Mart exclusive that comes with an exciting DVD as well.

The EP includes 8 tracks (7 in Spanish and 1 remix of Get Me Bodied featuring a Timbaland beat and extra lyrics from Latin artist Voltio) and include the stemy duet with Alejandro Fernandez "Amor Gitano," the Spanish versions on "Irreplaceable (Irremplazable)" and "Listen (Oye)" as well as 3 different versions of "Beautiful Liar" (in Spanish, Spanglish, and a remix with Shakira in English) as well as a Nortena remix by Rudy Perez of "Irremplazable." Below you can find the description of the DVD from their website:

<< This Wal-Mart exclusive two pack includes a DVD featuring behind the scenes/in studio making of the Spanish EP. Behind the scene with Shakira and Alejandro Fernandez, live performance "Irreplaceable" in Spanish/English on the The Early Show. Behind the scene Beyoncé "Experience" Tour. Live tour performances, Beyoncé interview, commitment to her Latin fans. Behind the scene band rehearsals, behind the scenes "People Espanol" photo shoot. In studio behind the scene "Listen" Spanish. >>

So, come August 28th, run out to your local Wal-Mart and snatch this gem up!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I actually saw Beyoncé in NYC!!

Ok so today on my lunch break, I walked over to Macy's in New York City and walked all through the crowded store just so I could see one of my all-time favorite artists: BEYONCE!! I was able to nudge my way to the front of the carpeted area where she would be arriving, camera-phone ready in my hand, smiling like Boo Boo the Fool. As she came in, we were all so excited and everyone started yelling and then I saw her. She was absolutely stunning and even more flawless in person than in magazines or videos, it was unreal. She walked by so fast though and there were so many bodyguards/personal assistants surrounding her as she walked that it was impossible to get a picture, but it was okay because I saw beautiful Beyoncé with my own two eyes!! So here is the only picture I managed to get, and it is of her Emporio Armani Diamonds perfume that she was there to debut. She looked gorgeous and the ad is pretty too.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Real Thing album cover & tracklisting!

To the right is a small version of the beautiful album cover for The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 from Jill Scott, and the following is the official tracklist for the album as well as the producers next to each song name (special thanks to Nuccio at the Hidden Beach message boards!):

1. Breathe - Sa Ra
2. Real Thing – Dre & Vidal
3. Rightness – Dre & Vidal
4. Hate On Me – Adam Blackstone
5. Come See Me – JR Hutson
6. Imagination – JR Hutson
7. Crown Royal – JR Hutson
8. My Love – Adam Blackstone
9. Insomnia – Omari Shabazz
10. How’s It Make You Feel - Stokely Williams
11. Only You – Tyrone Goldstein
12. Wanna Be Loved - JR Hutson
13. Whenever You’re Around – JR Hutson
14. Epiphany – Scott Storch
15. Celibacy Blues – Jill & The Band
16. I Don’t Know – Karma Productions
17. All I – Adam Blackstone

This is so exciting! The songs may be in a different order, but at least we know all the names of the songs! I am just getting so ready for this album release on September 25th....

Friday, August 10, 2007

"Hate On Me" Video!!!

Catch Jill Scott's new video for her amazing new single "Hate On Me." I am obsessed with this song, so thank you Hidden Beach for making this video available to us all on YouTube. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 2

This second post of words and sounds focuses on the talented Ashlee Simpson. One of my absolute favorite songs from her first album (which, as a whole, is an amazing album with every song being great) is "Love Me For Me". It has a real great message that any person can relate to and sing along with. Everyone should be loved for who they really are, and Ashlee really puts it all out there with this amazing song.

From Ashlee's sophomore I Am Me, my favorite song on this album is called "Catch Me When I Fall", and I have the wonderful live version that was her comeback to SNL that I talked about in her intro below. She put so much heart into this song, and this live version really showcases her beauty.

Notice my name (Mike) right behind Ash's head in this great photo! Is that cool or what? Oh Hell Yes!


Monday, August 6, 2007

Introducing... Ashlee Simpson

Another of my all-time favorite artists is Ashlee Simpson. Now, before ya'll jump down my throat and start calling Ashlee a lip-syncher or anything else that's negative, I will have you know right now that I have been to three of her live shows, and she really CAN and DOES sing... and well at that! Her concerts have been a real enjoyable time and Ashlee puts on a really great show with great vocals.

Anyway, as an introduction, Ashlee Simpson burst onto the scene in the summer of 2004 with her number-one album Autobiography and hit single "Pieces of Me." Her entertaining reality show, aptly titled The Ashlee Simpson Show, showcased the making of her album as well as showed the down-to-earth loveable side of the younger Simpson sister.

Only 15 months later, Ashlee released her second number-one album I Am Me, another album full of great songs. Although the album had some real winners on it, I felt that the promotion was done very poorly and the singles chosen were not Ash's best work. After a shaky first time on SNL, Ashlee flawlessly performed a song written about her first experience on the show on her comeback to Saturday Night Live after that whole first-time acid reflux fiasco that brought on all the hate. But like the trooper that Ashlee Simpson is, she held her head up high and continued doing her thing, which is why I love her!

Look out for many more posts about Ashlee on Oh Hell Yes!, including music, my personal tour photos and videos, and news about Ashlee's third upcoming album, due out in late Fall of this year! Ashlee will be heading in a different directon yet again with this album, more of a soul and spiritual sound, so I am beyond looking forward to that... Stay hooked!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

When to watch Girlfriends

Here's a quick reference guide on when to catch Girlfriends on TV throughout the week.

Girlfriends is usually on your local basic cable channel every single day at some point, but this varies from area to area, so check your local listings.

Episodes from the current season (seven) of Girlfriends air every Monday night at 9pm on the CW, and that same episode re-airs the Sunday after at 5:30pm on the same station. The current season is available for purchase on iTunes too, which I highly recommend.

Almost every Saturday night, BET airs classic episodes from the first five seasons in a mini-marathon format from 9-11pm and then again a few hours later around 3am on early Sunday morning.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy that Girlfriends goodness!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Exciting news about The Real Thing!

MAC here at the Oh Hell Yes! blog with some very very exciting news concerning Jill Scott's upcoming album The Real Thing, due in stores and online September 25, 2007!!!

According to

>>> "The Real Thing" (09-25-07) will include 17 brand new songs. It's being described as a "complete body of work." One that you can simply "put the needle down and let it play" from start to finish; it's full of wonderful songs and music. It's a complete listening experience.

Hidden Beach says there will also be a Deluxe Limited Edition featuring all of Jill's videos including her two new singles, "Hate On Me" and "My Love." Also included is the "Running Away" bonus track where Jill gives her approach on songwriting, an exclusive performance from her forthcoming "Jill Scott: Live In Paris" [DVD] release and more. <<<

This sounds greeeeat! I'm really looking forward to the deluxe edition!

Words & Sounds, Post 1

To convert some of ya'll into fans of Jill Scott, here are two of my absolute favorite songs from the queen of neo-soul.

First up is "Golden" from Jill's second album entitled Beautifully Human. This song is so uplifting and, like most of Jill's music, has a great message about life and love.

The second track is the lead single from Jill's upcoming album The Real Thing, due out September 25th. Entitled "Hate On Me", this is a powerful anthem that once again promotes love of oneself.

So, sit back, relax, and feel the love. I'll have more of my favorite tunes for ya'll in the future.


Introducing... Jill Scott

Coming at you is a mini-introduction about one of my favorite artists: Jill Scott!

Who is Jill Scott? She is an extremely talented singer-songwriter whose neo-soul lyrical style is Beautifully Human. Her words and sounds have spanned volumes. Jill Scott is The Real Thing.

Jill, a Philadelphia native, has already released two amazing albums (Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Volume 1, and Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Volume 2) and has another one coming down the pipe (The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Volume 3, out September 25th). On top of that, Jill has released a huge live album called 826+ and has very recently released a compilation album of her Collaborations with other artists.

Jill has also appeared on one of my favorite shows, Girlfriends for a story arc that lasted several episodes. She played a character who dated one of the main characters William. She helped point William in the direction of Joan (the leading lady of the show) to pursue a relationship. Jill is set to make her big screen debut in a Tyler Perry film and then later in the year she is in another movie.

There will be a lot of posts about Jill coming your way, with some song clips, downloads, pictures, etc. Hopefully you'll like her style as much as I do.

My First Post

Welcome ya'll to my new blog: Oh Hell Yes!

I will be blogging on all the things that entertain me. There will be a lot about music and some television show news, but most of all, it'll just be me posting some of my favorite things. I hope that ya'll will share some of my interests and tastes in music and TV, but if not, it's all good.

Bienvenido and enjoy yourselves!