Thursday, July 5, 2012

'bethenny' episode 19

Another day, another 'bethenny'... I could get used to this! :)

I think Bethenny Frankel is doing a FANTASTIC job on her talk show, and I am very hopeful that it will get picked up next fall. I think B is such a natural & I am thoroughly enjoying her hour of daytime television.

Today (7/5/12) on 'bethenny', the hostess with the mostest talked a bit about precious baby Bryn and then brought out Jillian Barberie. I recognized Jillian from her many past hosting gigs and it was fun to see how well she & Bethenny got along. They actually have similar paths with regards to husbands and children. She was a good guest & looked more beautiful than I remember her! Beautiful family too.

The next guest, however, was even better! I loved David Arquette with Bethenny!!! They were having a lot of fun, and David was a hoot. I really like his personality, his sense of humor, and style. And I liked his tattoos too!

After that, Bethenny did a short segment with a mother & 2 daughters about skincare routines. Here's the order we should follow: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer. Also, right after you exfoliate, always hydrate. Good tips.

Bethenny then introduced her first "couples panel" to discuss various topics. It was a cool group & I liked their interactions with our gal Bethenny.

Another quick show! I'm having too much fun for it just to be an hour!!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

GUEST BLOG: 'bethenny' episode 14 (Justin Bieber!)

Another big thank you to @Acute_Tweetment for guest-blogging the Bieber-fever episode of Bethenny's talk show!


Bethenny’s talk show airs episode 14 on June 28, 2012 on FOX Philly.

Holiest of Holy Shit Balls!!!!! Justin Bieber is on Bethenny’s talk show today!!! We’re so excited and must blog about this one.

Pre show footage shows Bethenny has a packed audience and also has a small group of lucky girls that are sitting together in a VIP green room watching everything on the TV monitors placed in the room. Bethenny acts like she tried to get them in the studio audience but it was full and this is the best she can do for them. All of these girls are deserving of meeting the Biebs in one way or another. His music inspired them while going through difficult times, family problems, illness, and change. They are SO excited to be there! They sit in the VIP green room to watch on a TV as their teen idol appears on stage a few yards away…(wink)

It’s the start of the show and we are so giddy! Bethenny’s theme song gets started “Calling all my girls” and we could not be happier to answer her call today.
She comes out to an exceptionally excited and lucky audience while wearing a long sleeved shirt with a blue heart on the front, purple skinny jeans and blue pumps. She’s adorable and totally feeling the Bieber fever.

The girls in the audience are wild for today’s major pop star’s appearance. Bethenny can empathize with this. She shares with us that her first celebrity crush was Matt Dillon. She’s got great taste. Who hasn’t crushed on Matt at one point or another?
Apparently with her, it was serious, though. She LOVED him. She wanted to meet him, be with him, and hump his leg. Why wasn’t God letting this romance happen? It felt so real at the time.

Well, we all know Jason Hoppy was the only one for her. Even if she had to miss out on humping Matt Dillon’s leg and also go through a couple of the wrong Jason’s to get to the right Jason. And a Jimmy, or two…ha

How did she know when the right Jason appeared? Rather than using the trusty eenie meenie miney moe method, she waited for him to speak the magic words that would break Matt Dillon’s spell over her heart. Those magic words were, “Are you ready to take the stick out of your ass”. Poof! That was her prince charming. The rest is history. Hahaha!

Bethenny and Jason married and had a beautiful baby girl together who is now 2 years old and the light of their lives.

It is so amazing that Bethenny has this opportunity to fulfill the dreams of other girls who crush on a celebrity that is totally everything to them within their heart of hearts. It is even more amazing that Bethenny is not afraid to act on this opportunity and give them this experience on a silver platter. WE LOVE HER!

Bethenny asks some audience members who their first celebrity crushes were. The answers were Denzel Washington, James Franco, and Justin Bieber….DUH!

One lady had lipstick on her front teeth when she was speaking into the microphone with celebrity crush details and Bethenny was a true girl friend and wiped it off with her finger! Bwwah!!! We would only do that for girl friends on the BFF role call.

A special audience member said that her celebrity crush is Justin Bieber because he was her inspiration to get through tough times during brain surgery 2 years ago. She loves him for all the right reasons. He lifted her up through his music when she was low and helped her heal. That’s so special. We’re so happy that she’s getting this experience to see him LIVE!

Before Justin appears, Bethenny has some friends stop by for girl talk. The girlfriend panel is
Loni Love (comedian), Amber Rose (actress & model…and ex to Kanye West) as well as Bravolebrity, Jenni Pelosi from Interior Therapy & Flipping Out.

Loni is looking lovely in a red belted top and back slacks with matching red heels. Jenni looks fresh and is wearing a classically pretty purple sleeveless dress. Amber Rose looks like she was dropped off by a space craft and working for the Marvin Martian of fashion designs. Her mother ship will surly return for her after this segment. Hopefully she has time to see Bieber’s interview for their research.

Amber Rose has some crazy black mask on her face that is supposed to be shades. She has a crazy 90’s era looking outfit on that’s belted and topped off with boots that are monkey’s. The strangest part of her style were her finger nails. They were covered with pictures of fast food. Fries, popcorn, chicken, mashed potatoes, cheeseburger…all that was missing was a tooth pick dispenser on her pinky.


1.) Who was your celebrity crush?

Amber says Slash from Gun n Roses and Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Jenni says Ricky Schroder

Loni says Michael Jackson and the Beach Boys.

2.) Do you believe in love at first sight?

Jenni says no. She believes in lust at first sight

Amber Rose says she and her fiancé, Kalief, had love at first tweet. They met through twitter.

Loni says she believes in love at first sight of a bank account. HA HA!!!

3.) Can a girl change a guy who is a player?

Amber feels that men go for looks first but if the woman has everything else they are looking for, then they know it’s over and their player days are over.

Jenni thinks you should be doting, nourishing and kind in your relationship to keep it together and change a player.

4.) Differences between women and men in style of breaking up

Bethenny believes that women put up with a lot of crap from men over and over until 1 day they just can’t take it any longer and snap. They decide it’s over. “Don’t come back or I’ll cut you”.

Loni said that she had a man have his mother call her to do break up for him! Gasp! What a punk!

Amber says that some men cheat and keep their steady girl friend on the side lines and continue to cheat until the girl can’t take it any more…then they snap…it’s over. ((cough…Kanye…cough))

Baby, Baby, Baby, OHHHH! Beiber is FINALLY here! He comes out looking absolutely adorable and casual. He’s wearing black saggy jeans, white long sleeve shirt and a jean vest. He’s also wearing a red baseball cap and a diamond studded earring in each ear lobe. His brown eyes melt our ice cold hearts immediately.

There is a brief clip of Justin meeting Bryn (Bethenny’s daughter) tickling her playfully, holding her for a few seconds, and singing with Bethenny to her! We DIE! It is TOO CUTE for words! Bryn is simply sweet and cute with a red and white polka dot sun dress and little pig tails. She called him the Biebs. Precious!
See it here.

How many mothers out there can put something like this in their kid’s scrapbook? We don’t know of any others.

How does something like this even happen??? You must first come from a place of YES!

One day Bethenny is struggling to make ends meet, no money, no job, no man…and now…she is married, has a successful business, her own talk show with Justin Bieber as a guest who is serenading her 2 year old daughter. HUGE!
NO WORDS for this moment.

Bethenny sits down with Justin and chats about things they have in common. You know, everyday things…Like…they have both been on the cover of Forbes Magazine!!!!! They talk business for a few minutes…

Justin’s new CD is called “Believe” and it’s the #1 CD in the WORLD! BAM!

Bethenny says it’s a fitting title because it seems to have been the mantra for his entire life. He replies, “Yes. With everything I do, I try to spread a positive message. I feel that with this album, whether you believe in your dreams, you believe in God, what ever you believe in, it’s always positive to just believe.”

Bethenny feels like it’s a great message and kids need positive role models like Justin Bieber. He has stayed positive, humble and grounded through his popularity by keeping his family close. They are the people that care about him the most and love him for himself no matter what. His mother has been played a major role in keeping him grounded and protected with strict rules and curfews. She has reluctantly agreed to give him some more freedom since he has turned 18. We can’t imagine how hard it must be as a mother, to let go. Bless her.

Bethenny points out that many other young celebrities have went down the wrong path after fame hits them. Justin feels a sense of responsibly to his fan base to walk the straight and narrow path and do the right thing on this journey.

He thanks all of his Beliebers out there for the support. He knows he is not perfect and makes mistakes but he tries to learn from them and be a better person. He’s only 18 and SO WISE! Great job to his Mom!

Bethenny calls the lucky girls sitting in the VIP green room to come out on stage to meet with Justin Bieber personally.
They scream and race out of the green room like the running of the bulls.

Justin is fidgeting in his seat and nervous now. We can see sweat beads forming on his face. He quickly wipes them off. Readjusts his baseball cap and vest and takes it like a champ. We love him even more for staying and keeping the bigger picture in mind while a heard of screaming girls run straight for him like a freight train. There’s really is no escaping anyway. Even MacGyver would be screwed. HA

He sticks around after they come out to sit in the front row. He is very sweet & gracious. They all simply adore him and he does not let them down.

Bethenny talks about how Usher stamped Bieber with approval to get his career going a few years ago. Usher signed him with his entertainment label, Raymond Braun Media Group and passed him on to L.A. Reid for a record deal. Bethenny was stamped by Ellen DeGeneres when Ellen decided to produce Bethenny’s talk show through her production company, A Very Good Production.
They were both given huge breaks and are able to make money doing what they love. Very blessed and winning.

Bethenny asks Justin what message or advice has Usher given him. He says that Usher has always told him “just to have fun in everything you do”.

Justin recently played for and audience of 300,000 people in Mexico City. WOW! He rarely gets nervous before performances but was admittedly nervous for this show. HA!

He knows that his fans are there for him and support him no matter what happens during a show. He can make an occasional mistake on stage. Wrong dance moves or messed up words to a song. Even he makes mistakes on stage but he does not worry about it.

Bethenny says there are sometimes happy accidents which are accidents that can result in better outcomes than if it were perfect. Justin said, “Unless you’re just walking into glass doors…”. HA This made us choke on our jelly beans laughing and spill a satchel of gold on the floor. We all remember the Real Housewives of New York episode featuring KooKoo Kelly Bensimone walking into sliding glass doors on a luxury yacht. Those things are so tricky. “Open sesame” didn’t even help her get those things to open. HA HA! Ahhhh. Memories.

Justin reveals a hidden talent. Juggling lemons! He’s really good!
Who knew?!

Justin sits down with 3 special fans. These teen girls are beautiful and emotionally moved by Justin’s presence. They each get to thank him personally for helping them get through difficult times with his music. It’s really sweet to see this. He listens to each one attentively and appreciates what they are telling him.

Jessica- His music helped her through family problems and dealing with trust issues due to her father and step father leaving.

Gabby- Survived brain surgery 2 years ago. His music calmed her during the surgical experience and helped her heal afterward.

Shaneka- His music helped her persevere during her junior year of high school. It was competitive. She was able to find the will power to do her best academically.

Bethenny gives each one of these girls tickets to a Justin Bieber concert!
She takes the words out of our mouth when she says, “It’s magical that at such a young age you know how to inspire people.”

It’s so true. He’s so kind and approachable to these vulnerable teen girls who look up to him. It’s truly magic. He is prince charming to millions.

Justin starts to answer audience questions. One girl asks him what he’s bad at. He tells us he is very bad at tennis. Oh well. Every super hero has their kryptonite. HA!

His segment was cut short by 10 minutes when a special FOX news report butted in. One minute, I’m looking at Justin Beiber and the next Mitt Romney giving his response to a health care ruling. It might be important news…but why couldn’t it wait until Dr.Oz ‘s show in the next hour.

That was FOX'd up!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jodie's Skinnygirl Daily success story!

My good Twitter friend @Jodie_Atkinson has lost an astonishing amount of weight using Skinnygirl Daily. Read all about her success story in her own words below!

The Original Skinnygirl herself even signed the magazine ad Jodie was in!!!


I started using Bethenny Frankels Skinnygirl Daily Cleanse and Restore +Weight Management when they first came out last year. I wanted a cleanse that was all natural because I needed something to regulate myself that did not contain any stimulants. About a month later Bethenny’s Weight Management was available online and I decided to give it a try. This product is all natural, is proven to burn fat and contains B-12, CLA, Flaxseed Oil and Grapefruit Oil.

However, in addition to using the cleanse and weight management, I took Bethenny Frankels advice on how to eat a healthier balanced diet, how not to deprive myself and most of all portion control. I continued to eat everything in moderation and the only thing I completely gave up was soda. I started this in February 2011 and did not weigh myself until December 2011 two weeks before New Year’s Eve and discovered that I lost 30 pounds, was I in shock! I was impressed with Bethenny’s advice on how to eat healthier as well as her belief that diets do not work. I decided to go onto Skinnygirl Daily’s website to read comments other people had written and decided to reply with my success!

In January 2012 I had lost a total of 38 pounds and was back to the weight I was in my 20’s. Skinnygirl Daily contacted me and asked if I would send them before and after pictures and so I did. Skinnygirl Daily used me in multiple advertisements in star Magazine for bethenny’s products. I am extremely thankful for these products, for Bethenny’s advice on how to eat healthier and her statement that diets do not work. Bethenny has been such an inspiration and my motivation behind believing that you can lose the weight without dieting. I am living proof that this really does work!
I am 40 years old and never thought I could lose the weight. It is possible for anyone and it does not matter what age you are! I am extremely happy to say I am down another 3 pounds and am now at a total of 41 pounds. I have reached my goal, but will continue to use these products. Bethenny Frankel has changed my life and she can do the same for you!

You can find these products at or your local GNC store. Weight Management is also sold at Wal-Mart.