Monday, March 24, 2008

Words & Sounds, Post 43

Out one week early on iTunes, Kelly Rowland has just released a 7-song EP entitled "Ms. Kelly - Diva Deluxe" which will be available only online (like Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, etc) on March 25th.

5 of those songs are new and they are actually really wonderful tracks that show off Kelly's great vocal ability and her depth. My favorites are "Love Again" and "Unity", but "Daylight" and "No Man No Cry" are also great additions to the already-great Ms. Kelly album which was sadly under-performing on the charts. I really thought that her album had great songs on it, but it didn't do so well on the charts, so they decided to release some more hot tracks from it, hence Diva Deluxe.

The last new song on this EP is called "Broken" and I have it here for ya'll to entice you to buy the full 7-song Diva Deluxe EP on iTunes!

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