Sunday, August 17, 2008

Unexpected has leaked... poor Michelle :/

I am really upset for Destiny's Child alum Michelle Williams!

Right before her album was supposed to be released this past Tuesday, August 12th, her record label announces its pushback to October 7th. Then, a few days ago, her whole album leaks... I feel terrible for Michelle!

This whole pushback is bullshit and it's a damn shame that such a solid effort as Unexpected had to be delayed and leaked.

I don't know what Michelle's gonna do now, but I sure hope all this crap doesn't effect her sales in October. The album is really a great dance record and Michelle sounds awesome on the tracks.

Her best bet may be to record some new tracks for the October 7th release of Unexpected, because how are people going to still be checking for it in 2 months? I mean, I know I'll be buying it, but in all honesty, with the whole album leaked two months before its release, how can Michelle's team make sure that there is something special to draw people to the album?

She's gonna have to do something, and it's a damn shame because this album is solid and needs no additions... but I have faith that Michelle's gonna come through and give us something truly "Unexpected" and full of talent.

Good luck, girl! Oh Hell Yes! has got your back!

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