Monday, March 7, 2011

USA Today: Q&A with Bethenny

USA Today has a new Q&A with Bethenny.

Don't forget an ALL NEW episode of Bethenny Ever After airs tonight at 10 on Bravo!

Q: What's changed from Bethenny Getting Married? to Bethenny Ever After?

A: I've taken on too much, and I really fully acknowledge it and admit it. Ironically, I wrote a book called Place of Yes, and I'm deciding finally that no can mean yes.

I'm so used to trying to be a survivor and fighting to pay my rent, to meet someone, to have all the things I want in my life. I'm just so used to striving, and it's been a little weird to just have to realize that I have what I want and I can relax a little bit finally.

Q: How are you deciding how much of Bryn to show on camera?

A: In my head, (that's) the most difficult thing. (Early on) she was such a tiny baby, it didn't really matter, but toward the end of the season, she started recognizing the boom and things like that.

The problem is the show doesn't say, "She has to be in so much." She's in a lot because I want to be with her all the time. I'm with her every second of the day that I'm not absolutely incapable of being with her.

Q: How are you and husband Jason Hoppy coping with fame?

A: Truthfully, in the beginning of your career, you want attention and you hope that someone will care to take your picture. To be honest, I wouldn't change it, but once you enter into (fame), you're in a different world, and you can't get off the ride. I can't walk out and say, "Just kidding! I don't want to be famous now, I want to be with my daughter." It's weird that it's a machine and it takes on a life of its own. It's a strange dynamic.

(Jason's) the perfect mixture of not loving it so much that it would be a turnoff but not hating it so much that it would be difficult. I think he secretly likes the attention a little bit, which is natural.

Q: What has the toughest stage with Bryn been?

A: Breast-feeding was the only challenge I've had that didn't come totally natural. But she's the most delightful, sweet child in the world. I hit the baby lottery.

Q: What surprised you about living in Los Angeles for Skating With the Stars?

A: I would think that everyone was way more jaded there, but I got attacked in L.A. And I was like, "Guys, Madonna's probably like three blocks away. I'm not that big of a deal."

Q: Any regrets about Skating With the Stars?

A: I just think it was not a wise decision. I had a new baby, crazy career and there was just no reason to put myself through that. I just thought it was fun and it was going to be ice skating. ... I was painfully thin. I was just miserable. It was the single most excruciating experience of my life. And everyone took it so seriously.

Q: What's the most surprising thing about turning 40?

A: It just happens to be the year that I start to realize "God, you're starting to look old." Just getting out the door involves a crane. The gray hairs, and you've got to get your eyebrows waxed all the time. When you're younger, you can walk out the door without any makeup on. Now you really need to have under-eye concealer and lip gloss. You've got to get your hair colored once a month. It's a lot of maintenance.

Q: What was the hardest thing to film this season?

A: My 40th birthday. I hate my birthday. I'm not a birthday person, and I oddly don't like attention when it's planned like that. I can't explain it. Jason got me a gift, and they filmed that, and I don't like to get gifts in front of people. I was really uncomfortable.

Q: Do you want more kids?

A: I just love (Bryn) so much. She's so sweet, and I'm going to be so sad when this little baby phase is over. So, yeah. We'd better get cracking. Would I love to be 32 and saying this? Yeah, but you are who you are.

Q: Do you miss Real Housewives?

A: Not even a little.

Q: Who are you still in touch with?

A: Ramona, Alex and occasionally Sonja. But not a lot.

Q: Are you going to watch their new season when it returns later this spring?

A: Absolutely.

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