Thursday, June 5, 2014

Al Fresco Brunch Cocktails Courtesy of the Original Skinnygirl, Bethenny Frankel

Summer is in full swing and there’s no better way to celebrate with your friends than with the best meal of the week – an al fresco brunch!

A meal that simply tastes better with friends, and conveniently doesn’t start till noon, just got even tastier. The original Skinnygirl, Bethenny Frankel, shares her must-have al fresco brunch cocktails and recipes that are guilt free, easy to make and pair perfectly with brunch favorites like avocado, mozzarella and tomato salad and whole-grain French toast.

So gather your pals, get outside and toast with delicious cocktails and even more delicious conversations!

Brunch Time Bloody Mary
·         2 parts Skinnygirl™ Meyer Lemon Vodka
·         2 parts low-sodium tomato juice
·         Splash of fresh lemon juice
·         Squeeze of fresh lime juice
·         Dash of Worcestershire sauce (to taste)
·         Dash of hot sauce
·         Sprinkle of celery salt
·         Cucumber for garnish
Preparation: Shake ingredients well in a shaker filled with ice. Strain into a glass. Garnish with cucumber wheel.

Marvelous Morning Mojito
·         1 part Skinnygirl™ Prosecco
·         1 part Light Rum
·         1 tsp. agave nectar
·         3 parts lime juice
·         Splash of lime flavored sparkling water
·         3 sprigs of mint
Preparation: Shake rum, lemon juice and agave nectar in cocktail shaker with ice. Top with Skinnygirl™ Prosecco and pour into tall Collins glass. Muddle in mint leaves and enjoy!

Sassy Wine Slush
·         2 parts Skinnygirl™ California White wine
·         2 parts frozen lemonade
·         1 part soda water
Preparation: Blend ingredients with crushed ice and pour into a flute glass. Finish with soda water.

Sunday Sipper
·         1 ½ parts Skinnygirl™ Tangerine Vodka
·         6 parts orange juice
·         Orange slice for garnish
Preparation: Add Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka in ice-filled glass and top with orange juice. Garnish with an orange slice.

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