Tuesday, December 11, 2007

GREAT new article on 'Girlfriends'...

Thanks to a poster on the CW's official Lounge, here is a wonderful article about the longevity and success of Girlfriends. This article offers a lot of great information about the current season and offers some insight into the mind of series creator Mara Brock Akil.

Worth the full read, the article stated that Girlfriends Season 8 has 13 of its 22 episodes completed due to the writer's strike, which is more than I had originally heard, so that's a good thing. Fresh Girlfriends episodes will be following us into the new year! And what's even better is that the January 14th episode is directed by series star Tracee Ellis Ross!!

Read the article here, and let me know what you think.


Amber said...

Aww great article, I wish there was more promotion for Girlfriends! It's too good of a show to be slept on.

Loving this blog, you've got all my favourites - Girlfriends, Jill Scott, Beyonce...!!

MAC said...

Thanks so much Amber! I'm glad you're enjoying Oh Hell Yes!

And thanks for commenting - it's great to hear from a reader!! :)

I wish Girlfriends had more promotion as well! I mean, come on, the show's been on for EIGHT YEARS and still is not getting the recognition it deserves...

urbanmami said...

That was a great article - I love your blog! It is so nice to be able to stay updated on the things that I enjoy listening to and watching.

Continue on Sis!



MAC said...

Thanks Ari!

And, for future reference, I'm a dude haha but it's all good.

Keep on coming back for more!