Thursday, May 15, 2008

Celebrity Mother's Day Tribute (Essence mag)

Tracee Ellis Ross and mom Diana Ross

Both women say that no matter how the public may see her, Diana Ross has been a mother first—a single mother for most of the time—kissing her brood of three now-grown daughters (Rhonda, Tracee and Chudney) and two teenage sons (Ross and Evan) goodnight before heading to the studio, making her signature zucchini casserole with Lipton onion soup for them, and calling from the road at bedtime when she was away. If her children knocked on the door seconds before showtime, she always let them in.

"Hers is a deep well of love," Tracee says. "I could be in a swarm of my mom's fans and her eye contact would be enough to make me feel safe and warm."

A woman who has lived her entire adult life—its incredible ups and its very public downs—in the spotlight, Diana says that through it all her children have been her salvation. "My children are my heart and my life," she says. "They mean everything to me. Everything else comes second to my children—my career, everything."
- Isabel Wilkerson

Wow Tracee really looks beautiful... The Ross' are hot stuff!

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