Thursday, October 16, 2008

HUGE Beyoncé album news!

Details about Beyoncé’s upcoming album, due in stores Nov. 18, have been hard to come by until now. But yesterday, the singer's father, Matthew Knowles, unveiled the complete tracklisting for members of the press in Hollywood, and even played a few minutes of each song and afforded details about promotional plans. First, it’s a 17-song double-album. However, if the economy has you looking to save a few bucks, you can instead buy a condensed 11-song single-CD version; both editions will go on sale the same day.

The first disc in the deluxe package is on the balladic side, while the second disc focuses on more upbeat, rhythmic material. What’s more, the two discs have separate titles. The first one is dubbed I Am… Beyoncé. Papa Knowles said the name of the second disc will remain a secret for now and revealed in connection with an upcoming promotion; he would only refer to it as “I Am dot-dot-dot.” Rumors suggest that the name of the second disc will be I Am... Sasha, the name Beyoncé has given herself in the past as an alter ego. (If you want to take a wild guess at what kind of promotion Knowles is alluding to, there’s already a contest-laden teaser website,, that may offer some clues.)

Despite rumors of collaborations with Kanye West and Justin Timberlake, there are no guest stars on the new album. Beyoncé’s dad said this was a purposeful choice designed to spotlight the singer's growth without fellow celebs getting in the way. He did, however, allude to plans for a guest on the song "Ego" that fell through. Given the title and playful lyrics (“It’s too big/It’s too wide/It’s too strong/It won’t fit...He’s got a huge ego...I love his big ego”), one could guess this was the track designed for a West cameo, though Knowles demurred when asked what happened with the celebrated rapper.

The two-CD version will sell for about $4 or $5 more than the single-disc version, according to Knowles, who said the less expensive edition is aimed at meeting the demand for CDs priced under $10 these days. Knowles said they expect about a 50/50 split between sales of the two versions.

Two singles are being pushed simultaneously: I Am... Beyoncé's “If I Were a Boy” to top 40 and adult contemporary, and I Am...'s “Single Ladies” to rhythmic formats; “Halo” and “Ego” will be the second singles for those formats, respectively. (Urban adult contemporary radio, meanwhile, is about to be offered a Beyoncé single that isn’t even on her new album: the Etta James cover “At Last,” from the soundtrack of Cadillac Records, which hits stores Dec. 3 with three new Beyoncé tracks.)

Not enough Beyoncé developments for you? All right, here’s more: A video album of clips for every song -- much like the DVD she did for her last album -- will arrive in February, about the same time as a Spanish-language version of the new set (not to mention still another Beyoncé movie, Obsessed). Then she kicks off a 110-date tour in April, starting in Canada before going on to Europe, the States, Mexico, South America, and a week-long stint in Vegas, before wrapping up in Japan, Africa, and Australia.

As for the new record, Daddy Knowles said 70 songs were recorded over eight months, but only 17 lucky tunes made the cut. Here’s a full listing, along with the individual producers (Beyoncé gets her own producer credit on each number, naturally, as well):


“If I Were a Boy”
Producer: Toby Gad

Ryan Tedder

Amanda Ghost, Dave McCracken, and Ian Dench

“Broken-Hearted Girl”

“Ave Maria”

“Smash Into You”
C. “Tricky” Stewart and Terius “TheDream” Nash

Amanda Ghost, Dave McCracken, and Ian Dench

“That’s Why You’re Beautiful”
Andrew Hey


“Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”
Christopher Stewart, Terius Nash, and Thadius Harrell

Jim Jonsin, D-Town, and Rico Love

Shondrae “Mr. Bangladesh” Crawford and Sean “The Pen” Garret

“Sweet Dreams”
Jim Jonsin, Wayne Wilkins, and Rico Love

“Video Phone”
Shondrae “Mr. Bangladesh” Crawford and Sean “The Pen” Garret


Elvis “BlacElvis” Williams and Harold Lilly

“Scared of Lonely”
Rodney Jerkins

“Why Don’t You Love Me”
a late addition with production credits not listed; a collaboration with the Bama Boyz and Solange
[Source: BeyoncéWorld][Original Source:]


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