Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sara Bareilles interview, confrims "Gravity" as 3rd single! + BUY new DVD today!

She's only on the second single from her gold-certified "Little Voices" album, but Sara Bareilles is thinking about her next release "all the time."

"I've done some writing for it," the singer-songwriter -- whose "Bottle It Up" is following the chart-topping success of her first single, "Love Song" -- tells Billboard.com. "I have some songs ready to go. I'm thinking about the songs that didn't make it on the first record to try and include a couple of those as well."

Bareilles -- who's performing the new songs "August Moon" and "Little Voice" (yes, it didn't make it onto the album of the same name) at her shows -- is also bracing herself for the pressure of following up her current success.

"It probably will be equally as challenging as the first record," she notes, "because... it's a blessing and a curse that there may be some set of expectations now. But it's a good problem to have. I'm definitely lucky to be in that position.

"I'm just hoping to feel as proud of this next record and as connected to it as I did the first. The first one is so autobiographical, I'm just hoping the second one can expand on what's been put out there and just go a little deeper."

Bareilles will be going a little deeper into "Little Voices" before she goes into a recording studio again, however. A third single, "Gravity" -- the album's oldest song -- is on the runway, while she has U.S. and European dates booked into late November. "It'd be nice at some point to get to a place where you can relax a little bit," she says, but she adds that lament "is not a woe-is-me story."

"If I've learned anything from this whole experience it's just that it's a total roller-coaster," Bareilles says. "The more you kind of succumb to the fact, that it's just gonna be ups and downs and totally surreal and kind of weird, the more you can just kind of enjoy it. This whole experience has been one big, pleasant surprise."

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