Monday, July 15, 2013

How To: Make your own Skinnygirl glasses!

This is soooo simple yet so effectively fun!

All you need is some rubbing alcohol & a temporary tattoo of your choice. Of course I chose to make my own Skinnygirl Cocktails glassware for my party, but this process will work with any design. 

First, wipe down the outside surface of your glassware with some rubbing alcohol. Let that fully dry (give the rubbing alcohol at least 5 minutes to evaporate) and figure out the exact placement of the tattoo design before removing the plastic liner from the sticky side of the tattoo. When you've found the perfect spot on your glass, remove the plastic liner and place your tattoo. Immediately dampen the whole of the tattoo paper with a wet cloth and then continue pressing gently with it for at least 60 seconds. When you feel that the tattoo is really on there, peel the paper backing away from your glass and revel in the craftiness that is you! ;)

Voila! You've got your own custom glassware for any occasion! If you messed up the application or want to remove the design, just run your glass under warm water, rub the temporary tattoo off, and start again (if it's stubborn, use rubbing alcohol). 
Thanks to this blog post for the guidelines of decorating with tattoos:

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Momkim5 said...

Love your skinnygirl glasses!!! Creative, cute, & very loyal to our gal Bethenny!!

JennieBlonde said...

I love em! I need them in my life! People don't know Bethenny as well in the UK but I'm on a one woman mission to spread the word! Love me some Skinnygirl!