Thursday, January 17, 2008

Discrepancy on Jill Scott: Live In Paris?

While obsessing over the release of the CD/DVD combo of Jill Scott: Live In Paris for February 5, 2008, I was looking over the tracklisting I posted on Oh Hell Yes! a few days ago when I noticed a slight discrepancy...

When I compiled that list of bonus tracks and exclusives for the release of The Real Thing, Walmart's bonus track was "Family Reunion (Live In Paris)", but it does not appear on the upcoming DVD. What happened??

Hopefully the tracklisting is slightly off or something, because and 8-song concert seems kinda short, especially considering that when I saw Jill Scott in Paris on November 25, 2007 she performed a whopping 18 songs! So now I'm questioning, were songs cut from the DVD release or did Amazon not post a complete listing??

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