Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jill Scott announces Butterfly bra line @ Ashley Stewart

Here is the press release for the new line of bras designed by none other than the unstoppable Jill Scott:


Association with Ashley Stewart stores began with non-traditional marketing of new album, The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3, now RIAA Gold

Jill Scott’s first corporate venture recognizes her brand attraction to corporate America as new Urban entrepreneur

Charitable Blues Babe Foundation to benefit from association with Ashley Stewart stores, starting with renovation of Cecil B. Moore recreation center in North Philly

(January 14, 2008 – New York, NY) 2008 three time (3) Grammy nominee and Multi-platinum, two-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist, singer-songwriter, poet, actor and philanthropist Jill Scott is stacked for success as she enters into an exclusive joint venture between her firm J Heather Inc. and Ashley Stewart Stores the nation wide specialty chain with 220 stores..

The initial product line developed in the partnership will be called “The Butterfly Collection By Jill Scott”, a new brand of intimate apparel for the plus-size woman. The entire clothing line be personally inspired and designed by Jill Scott, in conjunction with Ashley Stewart whose name and image will be utilized in all marketing and merchandising concepts.

The Butterfly bra, in particular, was created and inspired by Ms. Scott’s own needs as a consumer to create what she was unable to find, a design that is both comfortable and attractive for females who have a larger than average cup size. Times have changed since Wallace Reyburn wrote decades ago in Bust-Up (Macdonald & Co., 1971), the definitive history of the bra, that “the big-busted woman’s lot is not a happy one.”

Ms. Scott’s partnership with Ashley Stewart Stores began with the release of her latest album The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 in September 2007. Sold in all Ashley Stewart stores nationwide the partnership played a major role in the non-traditional marketing campaign behind the album, which has now reached RIAA gold for U.S. sales in excess of a half-million copies.

Based on Urban consumer reaction to The Real Thing, which was programmed in stores and given high visibility, Ms. Scott was inspired to go to the next step with Ashley Stewart. Consumers will soon encounter full-color window-sized posters of Ms. Scott in every store, as the introduction of the Butterfly line dovetails with ongoing promotion of The Real Thing, sponsorship for Jill’s US “The Real Thing” tour and support to Jill’s non profit Blues Babe Foundation which seeks to nurture college bound students of color, ages 16-21, artistically and academically.

“The partnership with a world renowned artist of Ms. Scott’s caliber is a special partnership for Ashley Stewart stores. We have always admired Jill’s commitment to her music and the integrity tied to the artistry of her body of work. We look forward to not only working with her on this product line but helping and enriching our communities by using the partnership to inspire others,” says Marla K. Minns – Executive Vice President and General Manager – Ashley Stewart Stores.

The ability to create economic opportunity out of actual need, not greed, is characteristic of Ms. Scott, whose Blues Babe Foundation will benefit from the association with Ashley Stewart Stores Community Foundation. This has already begun with the launch of the Cecil B. Moore recreation center in Ms. Scott’s hometown of North Philadelphia. Condemned to be closed by the city due to funding shortages, an initial donation of more than $100,000 by the Foundation was able to renovate the auditorium, bathrooms, floors, and swimming pool, and provide new outdoor basketball courts and a new kitchen. With the city’s help, the roof was repaired, the gym was renovated and the Center is now a safe haven for many kids, with attendance more than doubled for most programs.

The line of bras will be at Ashley Stewart and will be called The Butterfly.


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Devans00 said...

I've been a big Jill Scott fan for years. Here she is taking things to the next level, again.

I wish her a lot of success with the clothing line and her tour.

Metal Was Never Cuter said...

Again, this was a great hope then a crushing plummet into disappointment.

Apparently, to get a bra that is comfortable or even to fit, I must be passing the morbid obesity mark. I am 5' 4" and 200 pounds; I am a little soft around the middle but there is nothing "fat", "padded", "hefty", or "plus size" about me except my CHEST. When I was 140 pounds I sported a 36 FF chest, 30 inch waist and 42 inch hips.

Unfortunately, Ashley Stewart and Ms Scott feel that I am not entitled to buying their line of clothing. It seems that they feel only plus sized women require bras that are a joy to wear.

Warning large chested women of the world: Don't get your hopes up. No one cares about our comfort yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Check this out!!! It's really worth seeing!

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be rude, but if you're only 5"4 and 200lbs that is a little on the "hefty", "plus size" side. Not trying to be rude at all. I'm 5"4 and I weigh 136lbs and I look a little thick, so I can imagine how 200lbs would look on me.

Anonymous said...

Not tryin to be rude either but I'm almost 5'9 and around 190 and i could stand to lose a few...but i know what you mean about the bras though - it would be great to go somewhere, pop something on and have it be a cute set, too. They always figure that if you have big breasts you MUST need to wear granny panties. Not so - I need a thong because my apple bottom should not be covered in that way!

Anonymous said...

Metal, at 5'4, 200lbs... 36/30/42 you might want to try her line, perhaps you can sneak in under the wire. Dont let the label of PLUS SIZED cheat you out of finding a comfortable bra.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to affend anyone especailly not Jilly Scott, but it would be nice if they would include the real plus size women and extend the bra size beyond 44DD. Just becaus you have a 26 waist don't mean you bust size is no larger than 44DD.

Anonymous said...

Mtay I couldnt wait for this bra! Saved up and got is on sale! I saw it was $19.99 and I got 4!! I got this bra yesterday and it was HUGE! I have HUGE Boobs already so an extra huge bra was dissapointing but I said with all of this padding, it has to work! Well no, its ugly and it feels so uncomfortable..I am halfway through the day and is so ready to take it off...Im back at square one...The bra does not dig into my shoulder but with 44DDD breasts its not easy on my back either. I would not undress in front of anyone because if you didnt explain it to them, they would think you are wearing 2 bras...The 2 bras in back..uncomfortable..underwire uncomfy..Ill stick to Lane Bryant. I am glad I didnt pay the entire $44.00..oh and why would they put extra padding in a bra this big? My boobs dont need any extra foreal foreal foreal. I am sad because I support all plus size markets. Deal or Dud! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO TO LANE BRYANT!

Anonymous said...

If I wear a 44H is that compatible with the 44DDD??? Are you going to make larger cups?????

Anonymous said...

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