Thursday, July 17, 2008

European-only 'Buffy' Nintendo DS Game!

...the folks at 505 Games apparently have had her on their minds for quite some time. They've just announced Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice for the Nintendo DS, an all-new game that promises to be "definitive Buffy the Vampire Slayer experience". Mixing third-person and first-person gameplay, the game centers around Buffy's efforts to seal a re-opened Hellmouth, with a story penned by series writer Rob Deshotek. All of the fan-favorites will be represented - Spike, Angel, the Master, the First Evil, and generic vampire number 23.

With 24 levels, 12 bosses, more than 20 different slayer weapons and collectible spells to enhance Buffy's powers and abilities, it sounds like Sacrifice will be a real treat for fans of the show who just can't let sleeping slayers lie. Sacrifice is set for release exclusively in Europe this November...

Hopefully this will be coming to the United States, and hopefully for the Wii as well!

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