Saturday, August 24, 2013

My visit to a 'bethenny' taping!

On Thursday, August 22nd, I was so excited to attend Bethenny's first taping of her brand new talk show. My day started out at 2:22am, cause I'm a lunatic & had to be the first in line to make sure I got in, and I arrived at the studio at 5am exactly. For an 8am call time, 10am show. Like a lunatic. ;)

One of the most exciting parts of the day was that I was going to meet some of my Twitter friends (totally NOT in a creepy or pathetic way), and they joined me on the line soon after I arrived. As we waited to be let in, it was SO incredibly nice to put faces to names and get to know @Jodie_Atkinson, @momkim5, and @jenn_regan. The only missing Twumpkin was my girl @Acute_Tweetment, whose guest-blogs I hope you remember from last summer's test run of 'bethenny.' I also got to know Kim's wonderful sister, and Jenn's mom @PattyAnn615 & her future mother-in-law.

As we waited on line & caught up on each other's real lives, Bethenny took & tagged a photo of us on Instagram... WHAT?! Soooo cool!

There were so many people working for the show, and many of them stopped & asked "Are you Mike?" which was super exciting. When we got to the check-in area, we got special pink wristbands that would grant us priority seating. Once we finally got in to the studio's waiting area, we watched the "Bethenny: No Limits" promo video on loop & (im)patiently waited to be led up to the set where all the action would take place.

Then finally the time came for us to go to our seats in the studio audience and our names were written on special Bethenny seat-holders in the second row - ah! It was so cool to be treated so nicely by Bethenny and her team of lovely staffers, and we were so excited to have a prime location in the studio. We were seated directly in front of the spot where Bethenny would come out to "Calling All My Girls" at the top of the show - it was so awesome!

The show itself was super fun and the energy in the room was really special. It was beautiful to experience Bethenny's sincere joy in putting on this show and to see her attitude of gratitude; you could tell Bethenny was really taking it all in and having a great time!

After the show wrapped, Jackie (Bethenny's assistant) came over to us & said that Bethenny would take a picture with us on set. Again, WHAT?! It was so amazing for Bethenny to recognize me & Kim and to thank us for coming. And we got to celebrate Jodie's birthday! I told Bethenny that she "kicked ass" & that the show was really great fun.

It was such a special experience and I always feel so lucky that Bethenny is always so sweet to me... it really means so much to me, and I am so happy for her & so proud of all she has accomplished.
AND it was so special to experience this with my original Twitter friend Kim and new additions Jodie & Jenn; I only wish Corrie could have been there with us, but I KNOW that ALL of us will one day reunite in person at the show.

Oh, and Cookie made a special appearance for one of the segments! :)

Get your own tickets to the show! See more of Bethenny's new set! 
And here's a video from the taping:


Momkim5 said...

Wonderful experience shared with wonderful friends!!

Anonymous said...

Hi What time do you recommend being there in order to get in? how long is taping? does she have giveaways like Ellen?