Thursday, August 29, 2013

Review: Funko Pop!: Sheldon & Amy, Howard, Raj, Leonard, Bernadette, & Penny from 'The Big Bang Theory'

I am IN LOVE with these new Pop! vinyl figures from Funko based on one of my favorite TV shows, The Big Bang Theory!

My obsession with Funko started when I saw the concept art for Amy Farrah Fowler's Pop! figure -- I immediately had to find out what these cute little nuggets were and how I could start collecting them. It turned out that the Sheldon Cooper Pop! was already available, so I quickly ordered him online and literally drove to my local Barnes & Noble to see what Pop!s they had available that day. I went home with Ursula the sea-witch from The Little Mermaid, my favorite childhood movie, and my love of Funko has grown from there.

Anyway, Sheldon and Amy are the king & queen of my Pop! collection, and a few months later I was able to complete the nerd herd with the release of Leonard, Howard (my second-favorite after Amy), Bernadette, Penny, and Raj!

To find out more about Funko and all the incredibly cute Pop! vinyl figures (and more!) they make, check out

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