Saturday, January 10, 2015

Golden Globes-Inspired Skinnygirl Cocktail Recipes - Perfect Accessory for a Red Carpet Viewing Party!

The Golden Globes are all about the stars, the dresses – and the cocktails! This weekend, Skinnygirl® Cocktails can help get your at-home Golden Globes viewing party started with some movie-inspired cocktails fit for an A-lister:

·        The Theory of Thyme (for the Theory of Everything)
·        Disappearing Act (for Gone Girl)
·        Galaxy Gimlet (for Interstellar)

Want to keep things simple? Roll out the red carpet for Skinnygirl® Cocktails newest offering, Skinnygirl® Pinot Noir! At less than 100 calories per serving, Skinnygirl® Pinot Noir has flavors of dark cherry, toasted oak and vanilla- perfect to sip back and relax with during the show.

The Theory of Thyme (For the Theory of Everything)
·        1 ½ parts Skinnygirl® Cucumber Vodka
·        1 ½ parts lemonade
·        1 ½ parts watermelon juice
·        Leaves stripped from a 2-ince sprig of fresh thyme, plus a small sprig for garnish
·        Fresh watermelon ball/slice for garnish

Combine the vodka, lemonade, juice, and thyme leaves with ice in a cocktail shaker and shake until well chilled. Double-strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish on the rim with the thyme sprig speared into the melon ball.

Disappearing Act (For Gone Girl) 
·         1 ½ parts Skinnygirl® Meyer Lemon Vodka
·        ¾ part orange or citrus liqueur 
·        1 ½ parts lemon sour mix
·        3-4 fresh (or thawed frozen) raspberries
·        Lemon wheel for garnish

Muddle the raspberries in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add the vodka, liqueur, sour mix and ice.  Shake well. Strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a lemon wheel on the rim.

Galaxy Gimlet (for Interstellar)
·        1 ½ parts Skinnygirl® Bare Naked Vodka
·        Splash of dry vermouth
·        Fresh olives for garnish
Shake ingredients with ice. Pour into martini glass and garnish with fresh olives.

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