Saturday, January 24, 2015

Have a Musical Valentine's Day with Hook'd

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, forget the cliché prix fixe dinners and pricy chocolate hearts and put a priceless twist on the day with Hook’d. This free social music app can help you channel your inner rock star and serenade your current flame with romantic song selections such as:

·          “So Fine” – Sean Paul
·          “The Words” – Christina Perri  
·         “One Bedroom”  - Yellowcard 
If you’re not a fan of the lovey-dovey day, you can also voice your frustrations and mend a broken heart while you sing the blues:

·         “Paris” – Magic Man
·         “Liar Liar” – Cris Cab
·         “Chronicles of a Fallen Love” – The Bloody Beetroots 

Hook’d is free to download from Apple’s iTunes Store and features a rotating list of tracks straight from the artists users love. Fans can select a song, sing lead vocals to the master recording of the tune (not a cover band like most apps), add sound effects, and share the recording on their YouTube channel or social media platforms.

This app is so much fun! Looks great, sounds great, and has a ton of great artists on it. Find out more here and download on the App Store for FREE on your device now! 

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