Thursday, February 21, 2008

'Girlfriends': My Thank You

Even though I am still very upset about the way Girlfriends ended, I want to celebrate what this show represented, the way the show's creator did [see her statement]. So here's what I, MAC at Oh Hell Yes!, have to say about my favorite show Girlfriends:

I want to congratulate everyone on making history and giving us a show with meaning, a show that became much more than primetime television. Watching the cast of Girlfriends over the last eight years has truly been a pleasure and I have grown to love Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross), Maya (Golden Brooks), Lynn (Persia White), Toni (Jill Marie Jones), and William (Reggie Hayes) as well as Monica (Keesha Sharp) and Darnell (Khalil Khan), Aaron (Richard T. Jones) and Jabari (Kendre Barry), and all the other crazies in between.

I want to especially thank Mara Brock Akil for creating such a stupendous show, and I want to thank God for allowing this show to continue for as long as it did. So while I am still very saddened by the news of no series finale, I want to celebrate the 172 outstanding episodes of our Girlfriends beloved that do exist!

[Thanks to Wikipedia for the images.]

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