Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Say goodbye to 'Girlfriends'?

According to TVGuide, even though the Writer's Strike has finally come to an end, our beloved Girlfriends may never return.

The CW has pretty much taken away any hope of this season continuing and finishing its 22 episodes, but in an attempt to make it better, they might give us a clip show.... a clip show! Are they fuckin kidding?! After 8 whole years, over 170 episodes of Joan, Maya, Lynn, Toni, and William, we are supposed to be satisfied with a clip show to bring it all home? This is ridiculous!

As a better alternative, though not great by any means, the CW may also agree to produce a full one-hour series finale to give a proper send off. Even this is infuriating, but believe me you, I will take it! Anything to give Girlfriends the proper goodbye.

Here is a list of names and phone numbers that all fans of the show must call in order to demand that we get a real finale [thanks to member of the CW Lounge]:
The CW Network:
Dawn Ostroff
CBS Corporation:
Les Moonves
Warner Bros.:
Paul McGuire
Nancy Tellem
323-956-5000 or 323-575-2345

Tell them that we want a real Girlfriends series finale! Please!

What's really ironic is that this news comes on the day when GIRLFRIENDS: THE THIRD SEASON is released on DVD... in an effort to support the show, go out and buy yourself a copy!

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