Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grammy Awards results - Jill & Lupe WIN! (+ more)

Woo hoo!!!

Jill Scott and Lupe Fiasco's wonderful collaboration "Daydreamin" has won the Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance!

Unfortunately, though, upon checking the official Grammy website, it appears that Jill Scott has not won the award for Best R&B Album :( Like some thought, it went to Chaka Khan... better luck next album Jill!

On the bright side, Jill could still win for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for "Hate On Me", so here's hoping. Stay tuned. [UPDATE: Unfortunately, Jill did not win, but Alicia Keys' "No One" did take the award, which is another amazing song. Sorry Jilly - better luck next time, your incredible God-given talent will be recognized one day!]

P.S. - Jennifer Hudson won for "Love You I Do" for Dreamgirls, so that's cool.

UPDATE (7:50pm): Just saw Beyoncé on the red carpet and she had different hair, much blonder and shorter, but she looked fiiine. Her dress was tight and she had that Beyoncé glamour that only she can always possess. But I'm still not sure if I'm completely feeling this new look. But she did give Ludacris some love and I think she was taking a picture with Jennifer Hudson, so that's cool.

UPDATE 2 (9:04pm): Beyoncé performs a version of "Deja Vu" that names all of her inspirations as a female artist like Diana Ross but it seemed that it had been previously recorded which is fine cuz she wasn't singing much, it was just talking and saying names over the beats. Then she introduced Tina Turner who sang a little medley. Then Beyoncé and Tina performed "Proud Mary" together live, which was really fun.

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