Friday, February 15, 2008

More on the end of 'Girlfriends'

From TVGuide:

When Aaron proposed to Joan in Girlfriends' seventh-season finale, fans suspected that that episode was the series' swan song. But it wasn't. The show returned for an eighth and final season.

But instead of going out with a bang, Girlfriends went out with a whimper — another victim of the writers' strike. Today, CW executives announced there will be no new post-strike Girlfriends episodes because the network has decided to "focus its creative and financial resources on shows that are in consideration for renewal next year."

So Monday's episode, where Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross) read her fiancé Aaron's letter to his former students and learned that he would be returning from Iraq in two weeks, will be the series' last. New episodes of its spin-off, The Game, are expected to premiere in March.

"Although it's always difficult to say goodbye, I choose to focus my energy on the history that Girlfriends has made," Mara Brock Akil wrote in her official farewell statement. "I am immensely thankful to the amazingly talented cast, writers, directors, staff and crew for their endless dedication and hard work for eight seasons."

Girlfriends ran for 172 episodes. Akil is currently in talks with CW and CBS Paramount Studios to produce a farewell special for the series, which has consistently ranked among the top shows with African-American viewers.


Anonymous said...

What's up with networks just dropping black shows like they are nothing and that there is no fan base out there who actually deserve to see a proper finale? "Girlfriends" is the most realistic, interesting and funny shows ever broadcasted dealing with black women. This show deserves a much better ending than the one the CW is giving it. Needless to say that seems to be the way that this network deals with the end of all their shows featuring predominately black cast. "Eve", "All of us" and "Half and Half" met the same fate. It's appalling and disgusting how African-American shows are treated and it disgust me that we as African-American viewers sit around and watch it happen. How many TV shows will be left with someone who looks like me and my friends playing a main character?????

Amber said...

I'm so sad about this show ending!!!! I was sure it would continue for another season. End of an era :( Why are all the GOOD shows being cancelled?! It's not right!!