Monday, October 22, 2007

'Girlfriends' S8.3 Review: "Where Did Lynn-digo?"

The third episode of Season 8 of 'Girlfriends' focused on Lynn and her expanding music career, which is a really exciting development for the character.

As we all know, Lynn is a vegan and has always been about saving the planet and educating others on helping out, so it was great to see a very important message about our world being put out there by Lynn. As Lynn is filling up her car that runs on Joan's $12 cooking oil, a college student approaches her in a starstruck introduction with him already knowing that Lynn is Indigo Sky. The guy asks Lynn to come to one of his university's meetings about their saving-the-planet club which Lynn actually started at UCLA when she was a student. She agrees to see what they're all about if vegan snacks are served, so she ends up attending. After the productive meeting, the students ask her to perform at their benefit concert, and, in the excitement of the moment, Lynn says yes and everyone immediately starts passing out flyers announcing her popular band's agreement to play their benefit.

In typical Lynn fashion, she ends up "spending the night" with the college guy. After their night together, Lynn gets a call from her manager saying that she has a gig at the House of Blues! That's huge! But of course, the show is on the same night as the environmental benefit, and Lynn is faced with a hard choice...

Meanwhile, Maya is snooping on Jabari's MySpace page and sees hilarious videos of him saying "bitch" and rapping. Joan tries to keep from laughing, but Maya is angry that her son is using that word to refer to his female peers. When she confronts him, Jabari uses his best defense which is to say that his mother calls her two best friends bitches all the time, which we all know is the funny truth. Realizing this, Maya says she does it out of love for the girls, but realizes that she must make a change, so Joan makes a kind of swear-jar. Anytime anyone says the b-word, they have to put $10 in the jar as a way to stop using the term.

As all this is going on, Joan has been hearing freaky noises coming from her house so she calls William over to inspect it. He never finds anything over the course of his 3 visits, so by time Joan asks him to do all this stuff, he throws a lot of money in the jar in preparation for what he's likely to say while searching Joan's crawl space.

As the episode comes to an end, we see Lynn talking to a entertainment technician about her choices for that night. We all wonder where she chose to play, and as the lights go down, we hear someone announce Indigo Sky at the House of Blues.

So Lynn made her decision to advance her career instead of helping some college dude, which I think was actually the better choice. While it would have been really noble of Lynn to choose the benefit concert, after all these years of job-hopping, it was time for Lynn to make a solid career move.

I really enjoyed this episode and thought that there were many funny little quips throughout the course of the episode. I love seeing Joan, Maya, Lynn, and William interact together as hilarity always ensues... 'Girlfriends' will never get old for me!

Here's the episode preview uploaded by me!

Next week: 8.4 "Losing It" - Monday, 9pm on the CW

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