Saturday, October 6, 2007

'Girlfriends' New Season Stuff

As ya'll know, the new season of 'Girlfriends' has just gotten off to a great start! With its 8th Season premiere, this season is sure to raise some serious questions and interesting episodes.

Apparently, AOL's Black Voices thought so too, because 'Girlfriends' made the number 2 spot on their "Top 11 Fall TV Shows" list. Read about it here.

In other 'Girlfriends' news, Season 8 has made it into the iTunes Top 100 Comedy TV Show season pass downloads list! At number 57, 'Girlfriends' Season 8 is selling very well on the iTunes Music Store already and the season just barely began! That's great!! And last season (Season 7) is still going strong at number 63 on that same topsellers list. If you haven't bought 'Girlfriends' for your iPod yet, do it now! It's so nice to have them everywhere ;)

And don't forget to buy 'Girlfriends' Season 2 on DVD this Tuesday, October 9th!

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