Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Why Did I Get Married?" Movie Review

Wow... just wow. This was a great film. Tyler Perry has such a talent, and the rest of the actors in the film were wonderful as well. I laughed, I teared-up, I felt.

The movie has such a great message I think, even for single people like me. I really thought the entire movie was so well put together and overall had a great truth to it. I don't even know how else to explain it.

Jill Scott of course was phenomenal... I mean, is there anything she can't do?! Beautiful voice, wonderful actress, so believable... you really feel what she's feeling, you go on that journey with her throughout the movie.

And Janet Jackson was so good too. The last movie I saw with her was "Nutty Professor II" which of course was hysterical, but this movie obviously was different from my first impression of Janet's acting abilities, and "Why Did I Get Married?" certainly placed her on a new level for me.

Everyone was great! Malik Yoba (Brock from 'Girlfriends') surprised me the most and was wonderful, Tasha Smith was so hilarious paired with Michael Jai White, and it was good to see Keesha Sharp (Monica from 'Girlfriends') on the big screen with all that other talent. Richard T. Jones (Aaron from 'Girlfriends') has a great laugh and played his part so well, and Sharon Leal was also very natural. Lamman Rucker's character was just great too.

The cast was just so very talented and really brought the story to life.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, the real question you should be asking is 'What are you waiting for?' It's really great! Go see it!


Aaron & Alaine said...

The wife and I went to see this film last night. It was my wife's second viewing and my first. It was a wonderful movie. Standout performances clearly from Tasha Smith and Jill Scott. Tasha's character was a terribly behaving wife without going overboard with the performance. I believed her character, the anger, the sharpness. Jill Scott was indeed phenomenal. I felt her performance, every inch. She came off the screen so authentic, so deep and real, it was magnificent. Those two carry the movie and make you want to see it again just to watch them. Wonderfully entertaining film.

MAC said...

Great to hear from a reader!

I couldn't agree more with your comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the movie! I do love me some Tasha Smith after "WDIGM?" and I've always been loving Jill Scott... the entire cast was spectacular.