Tuesday, October 2, 2007

'Girlfriends' S8 Pass + FREE ep on iTunes!

WOO HOO! The iTunes store has just added the season pass option for 'Girlfriends' Season 8! I purchased this pass last year when Season 7 became available and the episodes just downloaded automatically on Tuesdays after they were on TV the night before, which was so cool because I was never able to catch an episode because of school. Now that I'm abroad for the semester, this Season Eight pass is a lifesaver!! For only $34.99 you get the entire season of 'Girlfriends' to watch whenever you want, wherever you want. Love it!

And, better yet, iTunes has the Season 8 premiere "Range of Emotions" up for a FREE download!! So now everyone can have 'Girlfriends' on their iPod! Go HERE to download the FREE episode! Tell all your friends too because now there's no excuse to not have at least one 'Girlfriends' episode with you at all times ;)

Look for a review of the first episode in the next few days too.

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