Friday, June 15, 2012

'bethenny' episode 5

A huge thank you to @Acute_Tweetment for blogging episodes 2, 3, and 4 of Bethenny's new talk show this week!!!

I got to watch episode 5 (6/15/12) of 'bethenny' today... and let me tell you, I picked a good day to tune in! All about breasts! haha

So Bethenny had guests who were wearing the incorrect bras and then had an expert that accurately measured their breasts (where do I apply?! ;))

B also had a tit specialist on who took questions from the audience. Some questions were bizarre (inverted nipples??) but the answers were very informative. I love that Bethenny is all about education! Even if it's sex ed! ;)

There was also this sexy Chinese corset that creates cleavage (woo!) and areola makeup that helps pigment your areola to whatever color (or colors of the rainbow) you choose. Pretty funky.

I am loving this talk show and feel like Bethenny is really in her element. So happy for her!

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