Monday, June 18, 2012

'bethenny' episode 6

Bethenny looked beautiful on her talk show today!!! And Cookie was on the couch too :)

Today's show (6/18/12) was all about vibrators lol

Lisa Rinna, one of Bethenny's real-life girlfriends, joined B on her couch with Cookie and reminisced about their friendship. It turns out their friendship kind of happened on 'The Real Housewives of New York City' at a fashion show. Now, they give each other advice, share drinks, talk business, and have a really fun, nice friendship. They even have sexy black dress nip-slips in common!

The Queen of TMI really puts it out there every day of the week, and it's fun to have Lisa to match her openness. They talked about Lisa's sex book and "pretty porn," where the porno stars make love in a nice way without dark S&M or crazy shit.

The conversation with the "Vibrator Virgin" was interesting & apparently a lot goes into choosing & using.

Bethenny's visit to the sex toy shop was hilarious & very informative (if I had a vagina). The "fuck fan" oral sex simulator was the most surprising sex toy I've seen!

The prehistoric sex toys were so scary looking!!! And the "NOT FOR DAYTIME" censor sticker over half the table was pretty funny... I guess some of the vibrators are too raunchy looking.

Some audience members wanted to introduce vibrators into their relationships, so I wonder how that will work out... I don't know how I'd feel about that.

Kandi Burruss was then invited onto Bethenny's couch and I really liked seeing another Housewife on the show. Bethenny said she respects Kandi's authenticity and they had a good conversation about how Kandi got into the adult toy industry.

Bethenny demonstrated how Bedroom Kandi moves along to music and Kandi said she will work on a music-motion vagina for men as well. Hilarious. (Might be worth trying ;) Send me a prototype, Kandi!)

I really like Kandi and was glad to see she & Bethenny get along so well. I love how open they both are at all times. Very refreshing.

It's so fun when Bethenny takes questions from the audience and I love how real she is and how well she interacts with people. I enjoyed the Real Housewives questions for sure!

The Original Skinnygirl was totally made for this!!!

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