Monday, June 11, 2012

The premiere of 'bethenny,' the talk show!

It's here! Bethenny Frankel's self-titled talk show premiered today in select markets (NYC, L.A., Philadelphia, Phoenix, Dallas & Minneapolis) & it was SO much fun!

Bethenny is a real natural. I ask again, is there anything this woman can't do?! She is so amazing & so inspiring!

Within the first 20 seconds, I made it into the premiere! ;) I LOVED "the road to the talk show" that they did with clips from Bethenny's reality show past lives that showed the progression of The Original Skinnygirl's success.

As Bethenny danced her way onto her spectacularly decorated stage, Pink blared over the audience's roaring applause. I think Pink wrote an original song for B's show, but I'm not sure. Very cool if so!

The first segment with the male comedians was very funny, very real, and also very current. They talked about teacher-student relations, breast feeding, divorce (Bethenny & Jason are thankfully still going strong!), and, of course, penis size. Great topics! haha

The at-home beauty tips were great and so much cheaper than the packaged expensive brands. Who knew a banana peel on a pimple got rid of it or that Miracle Whip made a great face mask? An avocado hair mask and a Skinnygirl Margarita-inspired salt body scrub were made using everyday household items.

Doctor Sex was fun and had some good info to share with Bethenny and the audience. And Jason! It was so cute of Jason to jump right in and participate. Dr. Raj really did have a lot of great information and she also had a lot of fun with the questions.


The first episode went so quick but it was so great!!! It felt like Bethenny was right at home doing a talk show, and I really couldn't be more proud of her for accomplishing yet another one of her dreams. THIS is why I've been a loyal fan of Bethenny for years - I've always believed in her, and she always believes in herself; I love a success story!

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