Monday, September 24, 2007

Lots of Exciting News!

I am just so excited by all these wonderful things!

First thing first, this blog, which I take so much pride in, is featured on the official website of Jill Scott!!! How awesome is that?! Go to and look down the left-hand side where it'll say "Jill's Roll Call." In that section you can find a link to Oh Hell Yes! which I think this is just the best thing since sliced bread! I am so pumped by this incredible news! Woooo hoooo! [Click the picture above to enlarge and look to the lower left for Oh Hell Yes!]

And if that weren't enough, tomorrow finally sees the release of Jill Scott's The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Volume 3!! So do not forget to buy your album tomorrow when it drops.

And to top it all off, the historic EIGHTH SEASON premiere of 'Girlfriends' is exactly one week away! So next Monday I want ya'll to be tuning in to the start of what will be another wonderful season of the best show. "Range Of Emotions" premieres on the CW at 9pm, so be sure to catch history in the making. Following the premiere on Monday night, be sure to download your Season Pass of 'Girlfriends' from iTunes so you can watch it anytime you want! I'll be posting a link of course once it's available.

Phew! So if this all isn't exciting, I don't know what is! Go check Oh Hell Yes! out on Jill's site, be sure to purchase your copy of The Real Thing tomorrow, and don't forget to catch the season premiere of 'Girlfriends' next Monday.

AND the hits on this blog have reached over 3000! That is incredible! Thank you to all my visitors! Keep on comin'!

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