Monday, September 24, 2007

The Real Thing various retailer exclusives

I have been doing some detective work lately on The Real Thing regarding some retailer exclusive versions of the album. This is what I've found out so far, and when I find out more, this topic will be updated accordingly.

+ The Walmart exclusive contains the bonus track "Family Reunion (Live in Paris)"

+ The Best Buy exclusive contains two bonus tracks "The Way" and "Whatever", both Live in Paris

+ There is a F.Y.E. exclusive as well, "Golden (Live in Paris)"

+ There is also a Circuit City exclusive, but that track is also unknown at this point

+ The Japanese edition of the album has "Bedda At Home (Live in Paris)" [thanks to previouscats on the Hidden Beach Family Reunion]

+ I do hope that iTunes has a bonus track, because that's where I plan on buying my first copy of the album and then I already pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition from, but I have no real reason to believe that iTunes will, so we can still hope
** Update: I was right! iTunes does have a bonus track. It's the VH1 SoulStage performance of "Hate On Me."

I guess it's safe to assume that the other two (possibly three) retailer exclusives will also have live tracks from the as-yet-unreleased Jill Scott: Live in Paris DVD/CD set, which I hope is released soon because I love Jill's live stuff.

OK so with all that said, no matter why you get it, be sure to pick up The Real Thing tomorrow!!!

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