Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Why Did I Get Married?" = Gathering of Greatness

We all know that Jill Scott is starring in this new Tyler Perry movie called "Why Did I Get Married?" but I just realized that this cast is spectacular and really encompasses so many of my favorite things.

Let me explain...

First off, I love me some Jill Scott, so that was my original interest in this film. Now after seeing that cool trailer for it (above), I am convinced that this movie is a Gathering of Greatness, in my eyes anyway!

Here's the cast: OK so from my favorite show 'Girlfriends' is Richard T. Jones who plays Aaron (first pic below), the fiance to Tracee Ellis Ross' Joan Clayton. Also from 'Girlfriends' is another of Joan's love interests, Malik Yoba (second pic below), who played Brock and almost swept Joan away from Aaron this past season finale. Luckily, he didn't, but I think it's funny that those two men, who played such pivotal roles in 'Girlfriends,' are now also in this movie with another 'Girlfriends' alum, our own Jill Scott, but we knew that too.

So to have them three in the movie is cause enough to see it, but wait, there's more. One more cast member rounds out my Gathering of Greatness theory. And that's Sharon Leal, who played Michelle, one of the Dreams, in the Beyonce-starring flick "Dreamgirls" which also starred my girl Jennifer Hudson (see all three of them below). That movie was wonderful and I loved every second of it, as well as the soundtrack.

So, with all that said, "Why Did I Get Married?" looks to be an amazing film that brings together many of my favorites. Catch it in theaters everywhere on October 12th!

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