Saturday, September 1, 2007

More news on Girlfriends S8

From TV Guide:

Premiere: Monday, October 1, 9 pm, CW

Where we left off: Things were looking up for all the sisterfriends: Maya (Golden Brooks) and Darnell (Khalil Kain) bought his garage back and a new home. Lynn (Persia White) finally landed a regular paying gig. And Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross)? Thank heaven above, the finicky Miss Clayton finally got engaged to schoolteacher Aaron (Richard T. Jones).

What’s next: What goes up must come down: Joan finds herself alone when her fiancé is shipped to Iraq; meanwhile, Maya’s self-help books lose favor. And Lynn deals with Joan as her landlord.

This is pure insanity! When Joan finally gets her man, he is shipped off the fight the war... Well, I gotta hand it to Mara, she is a very creative woman! This is a great way to put the Joan/Aaron relationship on hold for a bit without actually replacing him or killing him, which I really hope she doesn't do. The rest of the girls' stories should also be interesting - all in all, looking forward to another wonderful season!

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