Sunday, November 11, 2007

'Girlfriends' S8.6 Review: "Spree To Be Free"

The sixth episode of Season 8 of 'Girlfriends' focused on dealing with the various emotional problems of the girlfriends.

When Maya comes knocking on Joan's door after 11, Joan is already in her classic jammies, robe, and glasses. Maya pops in for some wine and to just be with Joan, and Joan questions how Maya is dealing with the loss of the baby. Maya quickly says that she is coping just fine and honestly states that she is completely over the miscarriage. To top it off, Maya says she is more concerned and upset about the loss of her book deal and her halted career. Maya just wishes that everyone would stop checking in on her and wishes that everyone would stop asking her how she's doing when she is over it.

As the shock of her statements set in on Joan (and me), Joan concludes that Maya is in complete denial and is not dealing well with this tragic loss. So she calls Lynn, who is being fitted for a wacky blue full-body costume to go along with her stagename Indigo Skye. Joan wants the three girlfriends to go retail therapy shopping, a trick Joan learned from Toni back in the day. When Lynn says she's busy, the vintage clothing therapy session becomes a duo of Joan and Maya.

Joan is running all through the store, grabbing clothing and reserving dressing rooms. When Joan suggests crazy things for Maya, who is not at all interested, Maya goes for Joan's purse and car keys so she can get outta there. When Maya opens Joan's purse, there are emails and news clippings about Iraq. Realizing that Joan is not dealing with the departure of Aaron, Maya calls Lynn to come to the store and help their girl.

Lynn arrives and she and Maya confront Joan while she is in the dressing room. As Joan starts opening up, she breaks down and wishes that people would ask her about Aaron and stop acting like he's dead (damn!) because she knows he is going to come home. She just wants some comfort and support from her friends - Joan needs to be asked how she's doing and not made fun of for sending care packages. The three girlfriends end up on the dressing room floor, consoling Joan...

Meanwhile, BIG NEWS for William and Monica - they're pregnant!!! Definitely an exciting twist... and when they call to tell Joan, Maya, and Lynn the great news, Maya makes an outburst that Monica stole her baby.

I though this was another great episode and I really think that Season 8 of 'Girlfriends' is still going strong and keeping everything fresh, relevant, and classic funny. I really cannot wait to see how this season progresses, as I think the episodes so far have been great and keep me looking forward to each episode the following week. Speaking of, be sure to tune in on Monday for episode 7 because it was written by Maya herself, Golden Brooks!! And also Erykah Badu guests and sings an original song, so should be great!

Here's the episode preview uploaded by me!

Next week: 8.7 “Snap Back” (written by Golden Brooks!!) - Monday, 9pm on the CW

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