Thursday, November 29, 2007

What will Jill Scott's next single be?

This is completely unofficial, but out of curiosity and anticipation for the next great single release from Jill Scott, I want to know what you think the next single from The Real Thing should be... 

After the amazing "Hate On Me" and the emotionally-evocative "My Love", which track from the incredibly crafted Words and Sounds Volume 3 do you think the next single should be?

I thought these three options were pretty fair, so what's it gonna be: "Whenever You're Around", "Crown Royal", or "Epiphany"? 

[Click each song title to listen to a clip - thanks to HBR]

Tell me how you feel!


Juicy UK said...

U can't post a Jill Scott picture UK.Rep will take credit 4 it seeming as he made the album cover lol

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