Sunday, November 11, 2007

JOINT-EXCLUSIVE: Jill Marie Jones' Bailey's Ads

A joint-exclusive with Bailey's official website, Oh Hell Yes! is happy to make available on YouTube the series of television commercial ads featuring Jill Marie Jones of past 'Girlfriends' fame!

Formerly Toni Childs on 'Girlfriends', Jill Marie Jones now appears in a worldwide Bailey's ad campaign as Kelly.

Ripped from the official Bailey's website, these seven videos are used to promote the tasty alcoholic beverage which also promotes the incredible songstress Jill Scott... so to add to the delicious experience that is Bailey's over vanilla ice cream, they also promote two of the greatest Jills, making Bailey's good in my book ;)

Here are the seven television ads!
Commercial #1: Ice Bucket

Commercial #2: Magic

Commercial #3: Pool

Commercial #4: Driver

Commercial #5: Cubes

Commercial #6: Door

Commercial #7: Surprise

Former 'Girlfriends' star Jill Marie Jones now appears as Kelly in a series of Bailey's commercials promoting the tasty alcoholic beverage. Oh Hell Yes!

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