Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Jill Scott collaboration with Jay-Z!

Thanks to HisHopIsRead, here for download is an odd collaboration between Jill Scott and Jay-Z along with Don Byas. When I first read about it, I was so excited because I thought that Jill Scott and Jay-Z had really made a song together, but it's really Jay-Z rapping, Don Byas singing, and a short little clip of Jill Scott singing "Love Rain".

But anyway I found it interesting and thought maybe ya'll would like to add another Jill Scott song to your music collections... So here is "Heart Of The Black City"

If you download, please try to comment and show some appreciation. Thanks.


jill's collar greens said...

thanks for the track it's all good keep up the good work with bringing us the jilly stuff we just might not find

Rowsbelle said...

Thanks...I thought this was just a mix that some DJ made. It's cool...but Jill stands well on her own.
What's with your Ashley Simpsons fandom? To like artists like Jill Scott and Beyonce, but then have an affinity for non-singers like Ashley is kind of bizarre to me, IMO.
I appreciate your blog.