Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jill Scott LIVE @ Le Bataclan in Paris

On November 25, 2007, Jill Scott put on an incredible live show at Le Bataclan in Paris.

Full of energy and talent, Jill Scott brought the crowded and excited audience through her non-stop setlist of hits and new material. The show was spectacular and really made you move, made you feel, and made you happy.

The unmatched talent of Jill Scott had the whole crowd feeling it and made one thing clear: that Jill Scott is The Real Thing.

If there were questions before as to Who Is Jill Scott?, this live show certainly gave some sort of puzzle-piece answer into the complexity of this Beautifully Human artist. 

Dressed in a black coat and sexy stockings, high heels, hair fro and pushed to one side, Jill Scott tore the house down with this incredibly satisfying setlist of songs:

1. Let It Be
2. The Real Thing
3. Epiphany
4. The Way
5. Crown Royal
6. Whatever
7. Whenever You're Around
8. A Long Walk
9. Hate On Me
10. My Love
11. How It Make You Feel
12. Celibacy Blues
13. All I (with Cross My Mind)
14. Breathe
15. It's Love
16. Golden
17. He Loves Me
18. And I Heard

The last song, "And I Heard" was a new original song which Jill said were not even her words; she was inspired and heard the entire song in her mind. Here's how one part of the poem went: "Do you understand what you feel inside?/ Let me light you/ Let me guide you"
Now this kinds of inspiration only comes from one source, and in my opinion, that is God.

God has truly bestowed a blessed gift on Jill Scott, and in turn, she has blessed us with her lovely gift of song, talent, and truth. 

And I was fortunate enough to have an even bigger blessing: My Dad and I spent the entire weekend in Paris together! It was truly a wonderful weekend.

The concert was SO amazing and I cannot wait til I see the wonderful Jill Scott again. And she is gorgeous and sexy and classy all at the same time... what a woman!

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geremy said...


I have been this 2 december at Jill Scott concert in London (Shepherds Bush Empire) and was amazing, the last song was "And i heard", was wonderful. I was alone at the show but enjoy it a lot. Was looking for the lyrics of that song and i find them at your post. Thanks.