Friday, November 16, 2007

'Girlfriends' S8.7 Review: "Snap Back"

The seventh episode of Season 8 of 'Girlfriends' was the best episode of the season yet! Written by series star Golden Brooks (Maya), the episode perfectly gave voice to each specific character and connected so deeply with each of the girlfriends.

Besides this being a big episode because Golden Brooks wrote the episode, there was the performance by Erykah Badu. It was a really good song called "Vibrate On" and that whole scene with Joan being all loud and funny when Erykah Badu was performing was classic crazy Joan. Also in that scene, I thought it was probably a cute little shout-out by/for Golden Brooks' character of Maya to be classified as Lynn's best friend according to her manager's assistant. Also during that scene, Lynn is informed that she got a deal with Dirty Girl Records! As the episode progresses, she demands more money ($150,000 advance) and a 3-album deal, among other things, which she gets also! Such a great thing for our girl Lynn! She is really coming up and having some much-needed success in the music business.

The episode kicks off with William and Darnell playing basketball and having guy-talk. When Darnell tells William that things about a woman's body changes after giving birth, William begins to obsessively freak about the thought of a stretched-out Miss Kitty on poor Monica after their baby comes. The whole "snap back" thing becomes a running joke throughout the episode, and when William shares his fears with Monica, she nonchalantly tells him that she had always planned to just get a tightening done.

So anyway, after that whole conversation, we cut to Joan throwing a celebratory get-together for William and Monica's pregnancy. Serving some wack water with cucumbers and herbs from her very own "herb bed", Joan, Lynn, Maya, and Darnell toast the happy couple. After the toast, Maya makes some half-jokes about the baby being hers and talking how Monica took what's hers right after the Wilkes lost their baby.

Darnell begins worrying about Maya and how she's dealing with the miscarriage. He later discovers that Maya has been taking pills to cope with the tragic loss and he confronts her. Clearly out of control, Maya starts screaming and yelling at Darnell, telling him that he could never understand, but he asks her to help him, as her husband, to understand what's going on. He talks her into giving him the pills, but she was reluctant because she felt she had to be strong because once you let your guard down, you lose. But Darnell says that they already lost and that it's time to let it out and deal with their loss. Maya breaks down and sadly cries out why couldn't she have had a little girl...

I thought that this was the absolute best episode of the season so far... it was so well-written and each character was just done perfectly by the multi-talented Golden Brooks. The progression of the season has been wonderful and this episode furthered Lynn's career as well as continued to deal with Maya and Darnell's miscarriage. I also like the William and Monica pregnancy storyline, and it was nice for Lynn to mention Aaron to Joan. The ending with Maya and Darnell's confrontation got me teary-eyed from Maya's questioning why she couldn't just have had a baby girl, and Darnell consoling her was touching too. If you can and if you don't already have the iTunes Season Pass, I would completely recommend buying this episode from iTunes because it was such a wonderful episode (due to the writer, the special guest star, and the progression and personalities of the characters)!
Here's the episode preview uploaded by me!

*And don't forget to download the EXCLUSIVE song from the episode from Erykah Badu entitled "Vibrate On."

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