Thursday, August 30, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 6

Well as you all know, the incredible Beyoncé has just recently released her Spanish EP entitled Irremplazable with an exclusive DVD available at Wal-Mart stores.

The picture to the left is my own photo of the CD and the following is my own notes on exactly what is on the DVD. I really really really love when Beyoncé sings in Spanish, so the CD was really wonderful for me to hear, and the DVD was put together really well and included so many great things. It was really cool to see the recording process and a lot of behind-the-scenes information. Below are the many things included on the great DVD:

= 1. Beyoncé en Espanol: La Evolucion Latina de Beyoncé (21min)
----a. Making of “Irremplazable” song
----b. “Irremplazable”/”Irreplaceable” acoustic version LIVE
----c. Recording of “Amor Gitano” (originally titled “Gitana”) in NYC with Alejandro Fernandez & producer Rudy Perez
----d. ‘People en Espanol’ covershoot
----e. “Beautiful Liar” video shoot with Shakira
----f. Video premieres from miTRL, TRL, & 106&Park then autographs
----g. “Oye” recording in NYC
----h. Tour rehearsals with Suga Mama band in NYC
----i. Dreamgirls premiere in Paris
----j. The Beyoncé Experience prayer
----k. Behind-the-scenes on tour in various cities
----l. Explanation of “Irreplaceable” as an anthem

= 2. Voltio remix of “Get Me Bodied” music video (7min)
----still extended version of the original, use of different images, rap parts by Voltio in Spanish, varies a bit from the audio track, focuses more on dancing, different beat from the original

As a bonus for all my readers, here is the Spanish version of "Irreplaceable" called "Irremplazable". Hopefully this will entice ya'll to go out and buy this awesome EP-CD/DVD combo.

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