Thursday, August 9, 2007

Words & Sounds, Post 2

This second post of words and sounds focuses on the talented Ashlee Simpson. One of my absolute favorite songs from her first album (which, as a whole, is an amazing album with every song being great) is "Love Me For Me". It has a real great message that any person can relate to and sing along with. Everyone should be loved for who they really are, and Ashlee really puts it all out there with this amazing song.

From Ashlee's sophomore I Am Me, my favorite song on this album is called "Catch Me When I Fall", and I have the wonderful live version that was her comeback to SNL that I talked about in her intro below. She put so much heart into this song, and this live version really showcases her beauty.

Notice my name (Mike) right behind Ash's head in this great photo! Is that cool or what? Oh Hell Yes!


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