Saturday, August 18, 2007

Girlfriends: The Second Season DVD news

Exciting news about my favorite show from TV Shows on DVD. Finally, we are getting some extras!! They are finally putting some special features on The Second Season of Girlfriends, out on October 9th. Here are the list of extras as well as the list of 22 episodes from another great season of the best show ever.

Included on the 3-disc set are:

1. The Fallout
2. Just Say No
3. A Full Court Conspiracy
4. Un-Treatable
5. Buh-Bye
6. Willie or Won't He?
7. Trick or Truth
8. Joan's Birthday Suit
9. Maya Takes a Stan
10. Mom's the Word
11. You Better Watch Out
12. I Have a Dream House
13. Sister, Sistah
14. Willie or Won't He II: The Last Chapter?
15. Can't Stan Ya!
16. Take Me Out After the Ballgame
17. Childs in Charge
18. Taming of the Realtess
19. X Does Not Mark the Spot
20. My Mother, Myself
21. Just Dessert
22. Into the Woods

Also included as part of this DVD set are these special features:
* We All Fall Down: A Closer Look at "Trick or Truth"
* Creating the Show
* Getting the Girls Together
* Episode Guide

That picture on the front cover is perhaps the best picture of the Girlfriends cast that I have ever seen - I love it! And the back cover looks beautiful too. These women truly are gorgeous!

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